Bounce save

A deflected cross that no one finished off ended in Timor's own goal in the 64th minute. Many chances to score Getafe. Notable Fali and Ledesma.


Football is like that. A center that changed its direction by bouncing off the heels of an opponent and that no striker finished finished in a goal, the goal won the game for Cádiz and the three points mean salvation.Going from playing with two ends to doing it with one only suggests a reserved approach, but the truth is that the most daring version of Getafe was seen, with a midfielder (Timor) playing central and with a second line of attack that brought together the greatest talent of the squad: Kubo, Aleñá and Cucurella. The three behind Mata.

The first chance to score was not one but two. It happened in minute 8. Mata finished two meters from goal but Negredo served, the rebound returned to Mata, who tried for the second time by bouncing the ball on that occasion in Ledesma. With Getafe cursing his luck, Cádiz set up a counter in whose final scene Perea appeared alone against Soria, but in what it took to put his leg together to finish off Djené stole his wallet from behind and when the cadista went to hit the ball already was not. All in thirty seconds. Strong emotions, multiplied emotions.

More wood in the 15th minute. Danish Jonsson was about to score but his shot was taken out by Soria under the sticks. Literal, because the goalkeeper cleared the ball over the line. Part of the sphere passed the lime, not the entire ball.

Although there were no more clear scoring chances in the first half, the game had continuity, intensity and emotion, with both teams attacking and invading the opposing area. 0-0 at halftime which could well have been 1-1.

The second part began with an occasion of the head of Fali. The best of the game was being insurmountable in defense and intractable in attack. Djené replied in the same way at 60'.

That Kubo was going to be Getafe's first substitute was sung. The Kawasaki-born player the more games he plays, the less footballer it seems. Angel entered through him. More danger, more goal, more football. He had not been on the pitch for two minutes and the Tenerife native forced a very dangerous foul on the edge of the area.

The play of unreason. The 0-1 was a play that the most creative of coaches would not imagine or draw the craziest of slates. The center from Espino's band would have been one more anecdote, but when he played in Aleñá and took a new direction, he became a very dangerous center that Sobrino was about to reach. Soria, who also did not make the best start that a goalkeeper can make, let the ball pass confidently once there was no rival threat, but Getafe's bad luck had not ended and Timor, who had come to help, could not remove himself in the middle, the ball hit his chest and ended up coming in like a tear.

Mata was able to tie in the 70th minute but Ledesma took off with one foot. There were more clear chances, but either Ledesma stopped them or they finished them blind: Arambarri (77 '), Aleña (87'), Ángel (88 '). Playful fate caused the game to end with a shot to Alejo's crosshead in 95 '. 0-2 was already a lot.

Bordalás: "We are tremendously concerned"

What feelings does the game leave you?

Painful defeat that did not fit into the script. We were very hopeful and confident in scoring three points. We did not deserve defeat. The goal in a safe and unfortunate play. The team has tried. We managed to dominate at the end of the first half and in the second we came out convinced, we had our chances and that mistake and that bad luck penalized us.

How are you going home today?

We are leaving sad. The boys have given it their all. At the beginning they were better. The defeat was unfair. This is football and whoever scores wins the game. We are having a hard time scoring this season and it is weighing us down. We have had the necessary occasions and we were not successful.

Are you very concerned about the upcoming calendar?

We are concerned because we are wrong. We are extremely worried, but we are already thinking about the next game and we cannot be regretting it. We are always optimistic. We were able to get good results against the greats and now to lift the spirits of the boys.

Has life been complicated a lot?

We did not count on this defeat. Misfortune has caused us to fall. Not adding makes everything complicated. We remain out of the relegation places.

How was Timor after the game?

The boy has been fine to play in a position that is not his. That bad luck in the goal. He has a good ball out and defended with force. I am happy with the work. Let's see if we are recovering troops.

Is the locker room prepared to suffer?

We have to be united, park everything and move this forward. The boys are going to raise awareness to take a step forward and get the necessary points for the objective.

In how many points can salvation be?

I don't think about the points, it will depend on many results. I have not done calculations. To be added in the next. Now mental work is fundamental, but they are strong and so are we.

How do you explain the team's lack of goal?

It is due to the lack of success. If you have chances you have to mark them. Few players are scoring goals and that weighs you down. If you don't get it right, you lose. Kubo returned to tenure.

Why did you replace it?

It is a tactical change because we were lacking presence at the top. Mata was isolated and we needed a companion. We created chances and we had chances. Take has had very good actions and tried to help the team.

Álvaro: “It has not been achieved, but I am very calm”

Serious and fortunate party.

The match went as we had thought. Getafe has been in Priemra for a long time with a very machacón style. Like us, they are not the most virtuous, but they are the ones who believe the most in what they do. We have not made the game more brilliant. We were going to have a chance and we got it. Thirty-five points is a very good figure.

What percentage of permanence is achieved?

Permanence is not achieved because bad streaks are coming. Beyond the points we have, there are many teams behind. I don't know the percentage. I did not imagine that I was going to be in this situation when I arrived in Cádiz. This is the best place to get things done. If we make a lot of people happy, the better.

Fali was injured and Cala, how was she?

Juan has been fine. This week and in the field he has been less active and quieter because he is looked at with a magnifying glass. It has been well. He has had a bad time. Fali left with a sore knee.

What worries now to not reach the goal?

Nothing. Be the encouragement and effort. What should happen is that the others win and we do not. We will lose again, but the dynamics are good. I'm quiet. We do what we want in the field and things turn out. Now we have peace of mind.

Did you fear for the result in the final stage?

There was a moment of fatigue, but we don't have a defensive problem. The problem is that we did not do damage when we recovered. The team was beaten and learned the lesson that in Primera you cannot afford certain things. If when you steal it you don't hurt the opponent is calmer attacking. That is what we need to improve.

Is the secret in solidarity and fighting?

The key is that the one who doubts what we want to do is not in the locker room. At the end of the game, we don't ask ourselves how we played, but rather the result.

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