Boston emerges: not even Campazzo stops green pride

The Celtics wiped Mike Malone's team off the map with a devastating set between the third and fourth quarters. Campazzo, the best of the Nuggets.


The Celtics can afford to smile, at least slyly, a smile. They have come back on the court of one of the most fit teams in the competition, the Nuggets, and have their third consecutive victory, the fifth in the last six games and the seventh in the last 10. They have come back from a match in which they were behind with a monstrous partial that has erased the map to the whole of Colorado, unknown between the end of the third quarter and the beginning of the last. And they continue to contest the seventh place in the Eastern Conference with the Knicks, but with an upward dynamic that leaves them only half a game behind the Heat and Hornets, in addition to looking at the face of some Hawks who are a little further (1 , 5 games) but at an equally salvageable distance. And yes, the Celtics are still, in the general of the season, an obvious disappointment that is going to have a hard time raising their heads and straightening a basketball course that is putting the project in check, from Danny Ainge to Brad Stevens going through the players. But chaining victories and improving feelings is the only option they have at the moment, a month and a half after a playoffs that have always been the exam with the best marks for Stevens. Always, except when Kyrie was around. And we'll see this year, where the "we'll see when the playoffs come" is sounding lower than ever.

The game against the Nuggets had two very different faces. An initial one, which lasted two and a half quarters, and which showed why the Nuggets are one of the best teams in the North American competition. And another at the end of a meeting that ended with one of the biggest droughts that are remembered to those of Colorado in all their history: a partial of 31-8 in the last quarter, of 40-8 if we add the final moments of the third period and that came to have a 31-3 slightly fixed at the end by the locals, who could not delight with anything that resembled basketball to the few fans that are piled up (with security measures and company) in the stands of their stadium . Mike Malone's team looked like a puppet during that period of time and had absolutely insane, as well as ignominious, pitch management and play selection.

In the fourth quarter, the Nuggets posted a lousy 3 of 23 on shooting from the field, including 0 of 9 on 3s. The overall numbers on the pitch were inexcusable, with 10 players under 50% in shots and embarrassing performances from, for example, Michael Porter Jr., who finished with a disastrous 1 of 12 on 3s, powering the catch and shoot with no luck. so well developed since Aaron Gordon (bad today, with only 7 points and missing in the important moments) made an appearance in a squad that has found the perfect complement, but has had an offensive crisis that is difficult to explain against Boston. The absence of Jamal Murray has been noticed, Nikola Jokic has achieved a triple-double (17 + 10 + 11), but with a 6 of 15 in shots and many protests at the end and only Facundo Campazzo (yes, they read that correctly), He has given the stature: 14 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists in more than 30 minutes, with a great 5 of 6 in field goals and perfect (3 of 3) in triples. The other local player who has exceeded 50% at launch was, by the way, PJ Dozier, who finished 3 out of 6. In other words: absolute wreck.

On the part of the Celtics there was everything. Above all, a lot of celebration of the bench, a good connoisseur of the complex chemical moment that the squad lives and of the desire for vindication and, mainly, for redemption that exists in it. They destroyed the rival ring without shame, they recovered balls as unexpected as they deserved, displaying a pride and pride (the green one) that has been conspicuous by its absence this season and they were centered on both sides of the court. JaysonTatum emerged as the star that he is (28 points and 10 rebounds) and the five starters surpassed ten points despite the horrendous management of the triple (7 of 33 at the end, just over 21%): Tatum's 2 of 7 and Jaylen Bron (who scored 20 points), 2 of 6 from the untraded Marcus Smart (the Celtics wanted Aaron Gordon, long live the coincidences) and 0 of 7 from Kemba Walker (for 14 points) who continues to find no consistency or regularity, but he has found, like his team, a victory that gives Brad Stevens a break. It only remains to be seen if we are facing a change in trend or a mere mirage. For now, the Celtics are smiling slightly. The rest, we'll see.

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