Bogdan Bogdanovic peppers the Hornets and takes aim high

The Atlanta player, with eight triples, his career maximum, extends the good dynamics of some Hawks that consolidate in fourth place in the East.


In every story, be it more or less good, the beginning and the end are usually the most remembered parts. And that's exactly what the Hawks must have thought on their visit to Charlotte. Direct duel on the table, decided for the team of Nate McMillan (101-105) who, since he was nicknamed this way, has moved on to a better life. Since their arrival - or the departure of Lloyd Pierce, everyone who interprets it however they want -, the Atlanta Falcons really fly: fifteen victories in twenty games to establish themselves in the noblest part of the East, just behind the three horsemen of The conference. Surely, and being generous, that is what they aspire to. Ahead, the Sixers of Joel Embiid, with the good hand of Daryl Morey, some Bucks in trouble due to casualties, but who know what they are doing, and the all-powerful Nets, who, as demonstrated by the - also all-powerful until the injuries of LeBron and Anthony Davies - Lakers can be earthy. Between one and the other, a small (more and more) abyss, but blessed abyss.

In addition to being two of the most competitive teams in the competition today, Hawks and Hornetts are also two of the most fun franchises to watch. And they did honors, despite notable absences. The well-known casualties, on the local side, which were also joined today by PJ Washington, from LaMelo Ball, who will not participate in the season again, and Gordon Hayward, were joined by those of Trae Young, with a bruise on his leg. left, and Danilo Gallinari, with discomfort in his left foot. One, the spiritual and tangible leader of the gang; the other, one of those signings that came to surround him better, to take a competitive leap that seemed to be postponed forever and that, finally, has arrived. Because "Gallo" was not there, but Bogdan Bogdanovic was, who was the leader from the perimeter. One triple after another until he counted eight, his best mark in the career. In addition, in sixteen attempts, a 50% accuracy to rise to 32 points and touch 40-50-90, only denied by free throws (85.7%). Exhibition when absences required it and to take a close look, after only three victories, at the Bucks, that franchise that he left planted in the market.

McMillan came 'pissed off' with him for not taking enough shots - a rare thing for a coach - and he has done his homework. Like a 17 + 5 + 8 Grandon Goodwin and like Clint Capela, his main partner today (and well almost any day). Another twenty points and fifteen rebounds for him, one of those double-doubles that he is used to and that, in this case, has contributed to give a blow to the statistics: the Hornetts, throughout the season, had not lost a game to which they would have won the last quarter. Until today. And by the hair. Seven minutes from the end of the game, the local income was 10 points, built through two trays by Brad Wanamaker that would constitute practically all of his points in the game (6 + 3 + 5). The equalizer on the scoreboard, in fact, would not come until the last three minutes, through two triples by Lou Williams, who does not seem to make eyes to the withdrawal (13 + 4), one more action in Capela's repertoire in the zone and another shot of Lou, in front of McDaniels, and with that anarchic air of his.

An end according to the beginning, which began with a partial of 24-7 (20-33 at the end of the act), with two of thirteen in field shots, but which was complicated in the plot, totally dominated by the locals (25- 19 and 32-23). Miles Bridges was at the head of the intermediate rebellion, with 23 points, 7 rebounds and some of his prodigious dunks (who saw him in a contest). The best, in fact, already in the final stretch, before ditching his team, but no less enjoyable for that: jumping a stride in front of the free throw line, with his arm fully stretched and in front of a wall like Capela. Direct to the wall of the room. Next to him, Devonte 'Graham (16 + 2 + 7) and a Terry Rozier shot, who, with 13 seconds left, had a triple to regain the advantage. He did not want to enter. Sixth win in seven games for McMillan. History, today, wanted a circular closure.

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