Benito passes the revalidation

The winger takes advantage of the loss of Dani Castellano to take over the left side of Las Palmas. This season adds 1,335 minutes in 28 games.


A few days ago, the hangover from the derby with Tenerife (1-1) left a bittersweet taste within the Unión Deportiva Las Palmas. Although the tie seemed the most fair, the neighbor from Gran Canaria could well win that game, who also left with the bad body of leaving a partner, Dani Castellano, admitted to the sister island due to the hemorrhage produced by a ball near the lung.

Once the concern for the health of his ward was solved, perhaps the most important thing, Pepe Mel was presented with another problem so indisputable that Castellano was on the left side of his team. The range of alternatives to supply him was wide, as confirmed by the Las Palmas coach himself. Jonathan Silva or Benito could play there, just like Eric Curbelo or Ale Díez.

Four days after the draw at the Heliodoro, during the visit of CD Lugo, the mystery was cleared up: the chosen one was Benito Ramírez, his performance this year so irregular, in line with the rest of the team. After what was demonstrated in the double domestic commitment last week, against the Galician team and Mallorca, the end of La Aldea de San Nicolás returns the way it used to, without risking in defense and with the entire band almost to himself before the trend Clemente, his sidekick, from playing inside. He is once again indisputable in the absence of Dani Castellano, an opportunity more than taken advantage of, since Silva squandered his opportunity when he replaced the twin in Tenerife and was not even called up to receive Mallorca.

In the 180 minutes of that double domestic commitment, he was one of the best footballers arranged by Pepe Mel, and it is not that his presence is doubted this Saturday in the visit to Real Oviedo. The Madrid coach himself confirmed on the eve of receiving Lugo that Castellano "will be out for a couple of weeks", according to the first diagnosis of the UD medical services, so Benito may have rope for a while, perhaps all, in all nine remaining league commitments.


For being, Benito is one of the pillars on which the immediate future of the Sports Union is based. Or at least, in the medium term. Thus, in autumn it sealed the renewal for three seasons, until 2024, more than one contract that expired on June 30 of this year. And that, afflicted with physical discomfort, it cost him a lot to get in tune at the dawn of this league course, in which the extension of their bond seemed stuck. "It is a lie that he did not play because he had not renewed; he had a back injury," Benito himself said at a press conference.

In any case, he never stopped counting for Pepe Mel despite the fierce competition he has on the attack front, right now behind Pejiño, Rober, Araujo or Jesé himself, all of them capable of starting from the sides in attack, especially the first two. However, Benito's intelligence led him to continue accumulating much prominence away from the spotlight. So far, he has participated in 28 games, starting 15 of them, barely surpassed by Álex Suárez (32) and tied with Sergio Ruiz and Eric Curbelo. He is also the 10th footballer for Las Palmas in minutes on the pitch: 1,335. Waiting to sing a goal, he adds two assists. And above all, the feeling of constant danger and approved revalidation.

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