"They believed that Vinicius was the new Neymar or Mbappé"

The coach said about the renewal of Sergio Ramos with the white team: "The Civil Guard didn't even take me out of Madrid."


Míchel has gone through the microphones of "El Larguero" of Cadena SER to review the football news of Real Madrid.

Sergio Ramos: "The fans support everything. I said that if I were Ramos and were a Real Madrid player, I would never leave because I understand that his resume is full of titles and prestige. Being at Real Madrid from start to finish is a note added, but of course I do not know what happens in the negotiations. As I have lived in Real Madrid and I know what Madrid means, I would not even go with the Civil Guard. If Sergio Ramos stays much better for Madrid and for him. "

Internationalities of Ramos: "I did not understand much what happened. It will exceed the same record and they do not lead you to misinterpretations. If I had been a coach I would have tried not to play that day" .

Liga: "The only one that can snatch the lead from Atleti is Madrid. I was surprised that Atleti got so tangled up. Madrid is strong and has more wardrobe depth than Barça. Madrid's two centrals have fallen starters and the two who have played have been excellent ".

Madrid: "It's like so many years. In the last Champions League, Madrid has been regular in the League and well in the Champions League. This year Madrid will reach the final. Madrid knows its strength and the Champions League is. more focus. "

Vinicius: "He has found his place by having the confidence to play every Sunday. He seems to me to be a good player and in the pipeline. To achieve regularity you need more rennet. The best thing is to let him work and that potential also has to be improved in the shortcomings Soccer only allows extremes or you are a blanket or you are good. Yesterday I saw that he was better than Raúl and Raúl has a career.

Pressure: "What makes Vinicius striking is his price. The pressure is the price. I don't know if any player from the quarry has had these possibilities. People don't pay much attention to the passport and more to the price. They believed that he was the new Mbappé, Neymar, Raúl ... So far he is more of a starter than in the Brazilian team. Even yesterday's game he had difficulties.

Modric, Casemiro and Kroos: "They are very complementary and that makes them good. In important moments they are always there to play. They handle the game well. They are three players to whom I think Zidane does not give many indications. Now their conditions are good Modric can rest. Not in my time. When Modric arrived at Madrid, if I had been at Barça, I would not have signed him. Of the three of us, I always stay with him. He has found his place in Madrid. "

Training: "I have had a chance to train" .

Bayern-PSG: "PSG have given a shot. Bayern have had a very big rival in Keylor" .

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