Bad news for Francisco: Samu Sáiz and Bernardo are injured

Both with muscular problems, the midfielder will be out for 15 days while the Colombian central one a month


The return to activity of Girona, which is preparing the important game against Rayo, has had bad news. Actually two, in the form of injuries, which will deprive Francisco of using two important players for the next few weeks. Samu Sáiz and Bernardo Espinosa suffer muscular injuries and are completely ruled out for the next commitments.

The Madrid midfielder suffers a hamstring injury in his right leg, with an estimated time out of 15 days. Samu had recently found his best form and was being decisive in this championship stage. The duel against Rayo and Zaragoza will be lost, but he may reappear (if all goes well) against Oviedo.

Worse is the case of Bernardo, who will be out for a month. He also suffers a muscle injury, but in his case of the twin of his left leg. Bernardo already played the last game with discomfort, forcing his availability to help his coach put together a defense: he did not have more centrals available. His absence, which will last for four weeks, will be covered by Juanpe and Bueno, the other two center-backs of the first team.

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