Baby complicates a lazy Almería

The Portuguese gives the victory to Rayo Vallecano, better throughout the match, in a counterattack. Ivanildo leaves sent off in 69 '.


There are nights when football does understand merit. And if Rayo caught all three points at the Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos, a place that is historically good at it, it was not because of the VAR, but because of covering up Almería's strong points and having patience in a match that matured. Baby was lethal coming off the bench to consolidate his team in the promotion, an area with which Gomes's men will have to conform unless they find alternatives in their game and Espanyol and Mallorca give several skids.

Iraola waved his eleven in search of a Ray with better benefits than those offered against Sporting. The usurbildarra preparer made up to five modifications, all by technical decision, except Álvaro, who replaced Trejo, between cottons. The one from Utretra was accompanied by Dimitrivski, Santi Comesaña, Isi and Antoñín. Gomes, who months ago revolutionized his eleven in the strictest term of the term, just introduced Corpas, to the detriment of Brian Rodríguez, and Fernando, for the sanctioned Makaridze. All this despite the fact that only 72 hours had elapsed with respect to the La Rosaleda duel.

Madrileños came out more plugged in a locked first half. Not in vain, Iraola's men claimed two penalties and Almería another. Rayo knew how to do damage to the Indálico team, pressing up the local ball exit, with a commendable intensity. And the Almeria did not feel uncomfortable despite the fact that the rival's style of play a priori suits them better than those with a low block that are locked in the Mediterranean. However, between the fact that Gomes's men erred in the attack-defense transition and that the speed of the Lightning had nothing to envy the planes that took off a few kilometers from the El Alquián airport, it made the seconds winners to the points .

Of course, the clear chances during the first act were counted on the fingers of one hand. In 39 'Fran García warned from the three-quarter line, with Álvaro in the rebound. Moments later Isi tried to take advantage of the visitors' inertia by testing Fernando. Lazo then responded with another distant shot. The passing of the minutes did not make a dent in Rayo, which continued to bite up, with Almería faithful to its booklet, several threats of heart attacks among its followers included by that rule of not hitting the ball at the exit of the ball.

Fran García, a 21-year-old young man and the make of a veteran, tried a new howitzer before Gomes' triple change, which did not give any results despite the fact that his people were clamoring for modifications. If Almería approached Dimitrievski's goal it was more by force than by arguments because at the moment of truth the Macedonian had a placid night. A cross from the left that bounced off Saveljich and was poisoned and a header from Akieme on a send from the right were some of the few Indálicas occasions.

The game became even more difficult for the Almeria team with the expulsion of Ivanildo, which leaves few doubts in the action and many in the future rojiblanco. It was 69 'and an aerial jump with Isi was his second yellow and that the point, bad, could be considered even regular. Then the figures of Álvaro and Baby appeared, the latter emerging from the bench. The '18' had a double chance, first beating Balliu and leaving his shot by a little, and then in a breakaway break, standing before Fernando and blocking the Murcian well.

The UDA had it in a robbery of Carvalho, who assisted Sadiq, the latter falling asleep on his laurels when he had better with his usual cut before shooting. Also in a direct free kick by Carvalho himself, before Baby emerged. In the 88th minute the maxim was fulfilled that the number one goal in a corner kick in favor should be not to concede. After a local corner, Baby began to run like a greyhound, facing first Balliu and then Morlanes and after leaning on Álvaro, he sent it to Fernando's right post after bouncing off Balliu's back. Almería follows four units from Espanyol and Mallorca, although there may be seven in case the Balearic Islands and Catalans do not play on Sunday. The Gomes' team slump has its consequence in a pyrrhic point of the last nine at home, five of fifteen in the championship. The dynamics are opposite at Rayo, winning four of their last five games.

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