Atlético's black night in Seville

Atlético was defeated by a Sevilla that was better during many phases of the match. Gil Manzano did not see a previous hand from Ocampos in the play of Acuña's goal.


Atlético fell to Sevilla who were superior for almost the entire match. Acuña's goal, preceded by a hand from Ocampos in the recovery of the ball, defeated a rojiblanco team that tried until the end. In the discount, Bono saved his team with a great save from Correa. The Cholo team loses advantage and has its pursuers closer and closer. Between Navas, Acuña and Bono they defeated an Atlético who was not fine in the face of the rival goal either. The rojiblancos left very angry with the refereeing.

Atletico made the first half hour of the game very long, in which Sevilla was superior to the Madrid team. The Andalusian team at times cornered an Atlético who had a hard time getting the ball and taking off the suffocating pressure of his rival. Sevilla went for all and loaded the game on the right wing, where Suso and Navas looked for Lodi to tickle. El Cholo, who had the last minute loss of Savic, returned to put a defense of three centrals (Giménez, Felipe and Hermoso), with two lanes, Trippier and Lodi. Sevilla played with their usual scheme and the match could be put in their face almost at the start of the clash. The referee signaled a penalty for Saúl's stomp on Rakitic and Oblak guessed Ocampos' launch. On the previous day he already stopped another, this time against Alavés. Oblak supported Atlético in that first half hour where Sevilla put the rojiblancos in their area. It is true that without great scoring chances.

Atlético tried to stretch and did so when Lemar had the ball. Lemar himself and Koke fired from afar, but it was no problem for Bono. El Cholo changed the course of the crash in the 33rd minute, when he removed Lodi from the field and Correa entered, with which the Madrid team went on to play with a 4-4-2. It seemed miraculous, since from that moment another Atlético was seen, better positioned, touching the ball a little more and looking for the right wing, where Trippier crossed a couple of times with danger, although he did not find Luis Suárez in the mouth of goal.

Atlético had solved the best minutes of Sevilla's game and came to half-time with the idea that the best had to come. At the resumption, the tonic of the match was somewhat different and the first time was rojiblanca, with Correa pouring into whose center Luis Suárez did not reach. Sevilla continued to have possession of the ball, but no longer disturbed as at the beginning. Although the quality of its players means that the goal can arrive in any play. Rakitic had it, but his shot went high. Atlético stretched, with Koke and Lemar managing the game. The Cholo team circled the goal and just when it was better, Sevilla's goal arrived, in a perfect center by Navas with a shot from Acuña, a move protested by the Madrid team for a previous hand in the goal play. The referee Gil Manzano approved the goal before the protests of Atlético. The VAR did not enter this time in a play preceded by a very clear hand.

The 1-0, with twenty minutes to go, put Sevilla in the place they were looking for from the start and Atlético on the edge of the abyss. Simeone moved the bench in search of refreshment people in a game that had been a great wear and tear. Hermoso had the draw only in front of Bono, but he shot high. It was the only concession for the Sevilla team, who showed their skills in defense and did not yield in any of the aerial balls hanging in the area. And when he did, Bono appeared, who took the shot at point-blank range from Correa.

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