Atleti revives Madrid and Barça

There are only nine league games left. Simeone's men lost to Sevilla and if Barcelona beat Valladolid this Monday they will get to one point in the standings.


LaLiga is red hot. There are only nine days left. About to enter the final stretch of the season, Real Madrid did not fail at home against Eibar (2-0) and was placed with 63 points; Atlético did it against Sevilla (1-0); waiting to play this Monday against Valladolid is Barcelona. With everything to decide, Atlético (66 points), Real Madrid (63) and Barcelona (62) are on a dizzying sprint for the championship. In such a tight league fight, any detail can be important ... and decisive.The Champions factor

Real Madrid is the only Spanish team that is still alive in the Champions League. His quarter-final match against Liverpool coincides in the same week as the El Clásico. A wear that the whites will have and that their rivals will not suffer for LaLiga. The quarterfinals of the Champions League will be played on April 6 and 14. The hypothetical semifinals on April 27-28 and May 4-5. And the final on May 29. We will see if Real Madrid is still alive in the Champions League and that distraction affects them in the domestic competition.Copa del Rey final

Barcelona, on the other hand, will have the Copa del Rey final against Athletic (April 17) in this final stretch of the campaign. A final, which comes with the lions injured after falling to Real, and which can be a double-edged sword. A victory would suppose a boost of morale in the face of the last days in search of the league trophy. But a defeat would not leave Koeman's men in the best mood and with the league as the only chance to save the season. Extra pressure

The FIFA Virus factor

The national team calendar left a hiatus between March 25 and 31 in which the great loser has been Atlético de Madrid. João Félix returned injured. The Portuguese did not enter Simeone's list to play against Sevilla.

The goal-average factor

One of the great factors to consider is the goal-average. That is, who is above in case of equality to points. In Spain, it is decided by direct confrontation. In the event of this ending in a draw, the overall goal difference would be taken into account. Without a doubt, Atlético-Real Madrid (1-1) managed to keep LaLiga red-hot. "We have not yet said the last word," said Karim Benzema. Atlético was able to 'sentence' the championship and remove the thorn of not winning the eternal rival this season, but there is still life for Barça and Real Madrid. El Clásico on April 11 will be another one of those vital games on the calendar. After this Madrid-Barça eight days of competition will remain. This great game, in addition, will be played between the first leg and the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final in which Real Madrid face Liverpool. In addition, there will be an Atleti-Barça (May 9) four days from the end of the competition, which may be decisive.The coronavirus factor

is a title in times of pandemic. The competition, of course, has been affected in this regard. First, because the field factor disappeared because playing at home or away is no longer so important. Goodbye to the environmental factor. But the danger of this bug that is making our lives bitter is also suffered by the footballers themselves. Although, on February 17 of the 20 teams that compete in the First Division, they did not have any cases in February, the COVID was primed with Atlético in those weeks. Nobody is safe and last season we saw a finale in Segunda that went around the world with the Fuenlabrada case. For example, Mirandés has seen how their match against Rayo had to be suspended for six positives. Undoubtedly, this factor will be of vital importance for the shortlist of teams fighting for the title.

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