Assault for Pogacar

Victory in the third stage of the Tour winner, who cut four seconds to Roglic, the leader of the Tour of the Basque Country, for the bonuses and he is already at 20.


The Pogacar-Roglic hand in hand comes from the last Tour and does not stop. Slovenian might. It is like an eternal boxing match, in which you win rounds until you see who is left standing. A spectacular pulse of two voracious monsters that has moved to the Basque roads. The winner of the Grand Boucle is like a termite, never accommodates. His compatriot took the lead from him in the chrono of the first stage in Bilbao and he is taking small sips to drink the differences. He was seen on the stage yesterday by the Encartaciones and the Left Bank of Biscay, and today in Alava territory he has appeared in the photos again. He dynamited the race in Malkuartu, Roglic hit him like a dorsal, and between them they played the victory in a narrow and meandering arrival of Ermualde. Pogacar was more accurate and in the end he won with authority. It seemed like Primoz could do something else in the last twenty meters, yes, as if he gave up the last effort. They entered together but due to the bonuses (10 for the first and six for the second), he took another four seconds and is 20 overall. First and second. It will be difficult for anyone to get them off the rung from here to the end. Aranburu, yesterday's winner, was lost on arrival, but his warehouse is already full of pride.

Pogacar, with the Tirreno in his pocket brilliantly, continues to shoot for the heights this year. After the two Slovenian stars, five seconds away, Valverde arrived, the veteran to power, who won four seconds of the prize. Yates came very close to him. And then Landa. They experienced in the front row the spectacular pulse of two cyclists from another planet. Likewise, Gaudu prowled for the victory, who is also giving a lot of play in this Itzulia. A round that is not disappointing, because it does not have one of those stages of transition, of truce. The roosters raised their crests on the final climb and hit each other like two sharp boxers without sparing strength. Twice Pogacar attacked and Roglic responded with integrity. The two strongest men of this beginning of April in the Basque Country played hand in hand with the other two enjoying this portentous fight.

Everything started from the starting flag with a flight of seven men: Navarro, Martín, Adrià, Gall, Warbasse, Lazkano and Honor. They had a maximum mattress of seven minutes. Back no one took responsibility individually, the task of hunting was divided, with turns to redirect the situation. There were good greyhounds ahead but in the peloton there were four shooting, although they were not calm, they assumed that the flight was having a good pulse. The first half returned again, as in Bilbao and after yesterday's grayish hiatus in Sestao. On the descent from La Barrerilla, Martín and Honoré only left due to inertia. Behind, 40 cyclists were cut off, among them Yates, who had to be reinstated by Ineos not without some effort. The headwind began to whip and that was the signal to think that the front group was ripe fruit, and the platoon squeezed when they saw that it had in its hand to return those adventurers to the discipline of the group.

When the hunt approaches, a revolt always ignites ahead. With 27 kilometers to go, Lazkano jumped. With 13 remaining, by Okondo, he was six seconds ahead. They caught him on the ascent to Markuartu, a hard steep slope with ramps that began to filter cyclists back and forth. Roglic moved alone, like yesterday, he seems like a soloist, a star without wanting to be surrounded by escorts. That is dangerous, it takes away the ability to react if something goes wrong. The Jumbo lets you do. The beginning of the climb had ramps of 13 percent. Pello Bilbao came fired from before and was about to get out and go down a gutter. What a scare. On a road with many twists, ups and downs, the Spanish time trial champion had to get to 73 per hour to get ahead.

The organization of the round and the Ertzaintza should be more attentive because people are beginning to gather at some points along the route. Israel worked hard in the final part, but in the center of Llodio, Woods and Kelderman stumbled around a corner and ran out of options. In the first foothills by Ermualde, a three-kilometer wall that is no joke, Higuita and Carapaz jumped, disorganizing the main squad. Pogacar later joined Carapaz in a moment of great unrest. In this disorder, the Slovenian enjoys like a pig in a quagmire. Roglic was very attentive. With 2.1 kilometers to go, Pogacar tried again and the leader was still like a sticker on his wheel. The road was already on ramps of a 20 percent incline. From behind, 20 meters away, Landa was looking to re-engage. It had a slight attack moment but it was firework for the two Slovenian portents. Yates seemed the most complete to discuss the stage with them. Roglic even allowed himself to hold her head at times. The final 800 meters were more stretched. Pogacar was already launched and no one took away the pleasure of raising his arms in triumph.

Tomorrow's stage, the fourth, will take the riders from Vitoria to Hondarribia through 189.1 km. of route, the longest of this 60th Itzulia edition, and an interesting ending with the chain of the Jaizkibel pass (2nd; km 150) and the Erlaitz wall (170; 1st). The first is an iconic peak of Gipuzkoan cycling, a 7.9 km high at 5.5 percent unevenness and ramps in the first half of up to 12 percent; more explosive is Erlaitz and its 3,800 meters at 10.6 and points up to 13. The top of the latter, 22 km from the finish line.



1. Tadej Pogacar (SVN / UAE-Team Emirates) 4: 04: 50.

2. Primoz Roglic (SVN / Team Jumbo-Visma) mt

. ALEJANDRO VALVERDE (ESP / Movistar Team) to 5.

4. Adam Yates (GBR / INEOS Grenadiers) mt

5. MIKEL LANDA (ESP / Bahrain-Victorious) mt


1. Primoz Roglic (SVN / Team Jumbo-Visma) 8: 07: 48.

2. Tadej Pogacar (SVN / UAE-Team Emirates) to 20.

. Brandon McNulty (USA / UAE-Team Emirates) 30.

4. Adam Yates (GBR / INEOS Grenadiers) 39.

5. ALEJANDRO VALVERDE (ESP / Movistar Team) 50.

7. MIKEL LANDA (ESP / Bahrain-Victorious) 1: 00.

8. PELLO BILBAO (ESP / Bahrain-Victorious) 1: 08.

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