Arteta: "I see Odegaard's face, I talk to him and here he is happy"

The coach does not hide that the Norwegian seems to have re-found himself at Arsenal, after not fitting in with Zidane. About his future, he does not like to "read between the lines".


Arsenal have many open fronts. Arteta has a difficult situation to place in the Premier. The team is ninth, seven points from Europe and nine from the Champions League. Sportingly, the situation is delicate, but also look to the future. This one goes through Odegaard. Arsenal are already under pressure from their fans and legends to tie up the Norwegian player, who seems to have found his ideal scenario. For the gunner environment, Odegaard has become a matter of state. A few days ago, Paul Merson urged the club to close the operation now with Madrid so as not to risk making a fool of himself by making the player well and then losing him.

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal manager, has stopped in the situation of the Norwegian player in the Daily Mail. Odegaard has been saying that stability is key for him and the coach was asked if, precisely, what he has found in Arsenal is the great trick that they are going to play so that the Norwegian stays and does not return to Real Madrid. "I really don't know, I don't like to read between the lines, but what I can say is that I talk to him every day, I see his face and his body language and he seems very happy here right now," explains the coach at the Mail. Insisting on the subject, the sports situation can also be decisive. Arsenal are far from positions of honor and anything can influence the Norwegian's decision. "Odegaard has a contract with us until the end of the season, but what we have to do is try to make him perform, develop and be as happy as possible. The team is going to show better performances, better results and at the end of the season. season we will see where we are and we will have a discussion about the future, "he said.

In addition, the Spanish coach has stopped in the situation of Lacazette, who is precisely in the orbit of Atlético and Sevilla. The French striker ends his contract in 2022 and Arsenal either renews it now or sells it before it enters its last contract season. "I am always happy when people talk about our players and speculate, that means that they are doing well and are attracting the attention of other clubs," said the coach before specifying. "We will address Lacazette's situation in the summer and we will talk with him and we will only propose the future we want, and that's it. Until then I only want players focused on performing and getting the best of them for the team," he said. Arteta does not prioritize its continuity.

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