Arteta, in the eye of the hurricane

Gunner legends Ian Wright and Martin Keown charged hard with their former team and against Arteta after the draw against Slavia Prague.


After a flat match, Pépé's goal in minute 85 seemed to give Arsenal relative tranquility for the return leg in Prague, but Slavia, in a fatal corner defended, achieved the equalizer (1-1) when the referee already had the whistle in the mouth. Result that greatly complicates the passage to the semifinals against a Czech team that already gave a good account of Leicester and Glasgow Rangers in previous rounds. The Gunners do not finish taking off and the Europa League seemed like a good safe conduct to save the season, but now everything goes wrong ...

For this reason, the criticisms came to the surface again, since in the last league game they lost (0-3) against Liverpool and the spirits were already heated. Thus, Martin Keown, analyst at BT Sport and Arsenal legend, charged hard against his former team: "For me, it all revolved around the way they played. They chose the wrong tactics. They had the opportunity to take the initiative and they were You may ask now, can you play? (...) In the first half they were nervous and they were not the team we saw, for example a few weeks ago against West Ham. It seems they are not proactive in some games, they need someone punch them in the face before waking up to start playing. "In addition to the players, he also personalized at Arteta: "The result is very disappointing and it's going to be difficult for Arteta now. He has made a lot of changes at the club, a lot of people have left. They have had a lot of problems at Arsenal throughout over the years (...). He is in charge now and he can't make them react. They make careless mistakes and it costs them a lot. We expected them to talk on the pitch. It's the same old story as always ... ".

The inexperience of Arteta, on stage

A story line that Karen Carney, Keown's partner on set for BT Sports and former England international, followed at face value "It took them too long to get into the game and that is perhaps due to a lack of leadership on the field. They had chances and they didn't convert them. It was hard to see at times, they didn't know what they were doing. I think Arteta seemed a bit lost and maybe he needs a bit of guidance, he's still the youngest coach in the Premier League. He has tried. one way or another. But the group seems fragmented and they don't do what he wants them to do. "

While another Arsenal legend, Ian Wright, showed his frustration with the Spanish coach to Twitter. Through this social network he showed his discontent, especially focused on a certain immobility when making changes to turn the game around. "Take a risk! Prepare the changes before! Finish the tie," the former striker tweeted along with an emoji in which he showed his anger. No kind winds blow on the Emirates and Arteta is the one who hears the biggest gale.

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