"We are Zaragoza and we are not going to be afraid of anyone"

JIM has referred to the tough schedule left to the Aragonese and ensures that his team has lacked the efficiency of other times against Cartagena tonight.


Juan Ignacio Martínez assures that adding to the heights of the season is always good and, although he emphasizes that he only thinks about next Monday's game against Fuenlabrada, he has referred to the tough schedule that remains for the Aragonese team: “We are Real Zaragoza and we are not going to be afraid of anyone ”. The coach has also regretted the two missed occasions tonight: "Let's hope that these that we have not put in today we will put in other games."

Assessment: “Today's summary is complicated because you have to be honest about the development of the game, but you also have to understand and respect your rival, who has come to play his game. He came from making some mistakes and they have bundled up a little. It is true that Cristian has had to stop, but today we have lacked the efficiency of other times. We have had two very good chances, but football does not understand merits, but goals and we have not scored them. That is why we are left with one point. Thirty remain to be played and we are in a League sprint that will last until the end. ”

Missed occasions: “Let's hope that these that we have not put in today we will put in other games and we can add three on another occasion, but it is true that in this situation in which the team finds itself, those occasions are water in the desert and more before a rival who has given us little. We must also give credit to Cartagena, but on the occasion of Bermejo we have caught them in a very well elaborated counter, but in the end we have not put it in and we hope that we do not take it into account ".

Missed opportunity: “Adding at this point in the season is always good and it seems that this is a lack of ambition and that I am a conformist, but if you are not capable of putting them in, we cannot be sorry, but quite the opposite. You have to reward the efforts of the players, you have to understand that they have come out stressed and with that competitive stress that we have been carrying all season and they are also people. The effort has been great. ”

Substitute for Jair: “We believed that it was not going to be a direct attack match and that we did not need that aerial game and we were looking for a better circulation of the ball behind. These are things that you go around before the game and afterwards they have dispensed with Rubén Castro in the starting eleven ”.

Three midfielders: “Other times we have put in more forwards and we have lost the midfield. Not by accumulating more people in front of the ball you are more offensive ”.

Calendar: “I don't even know it by heart. I know we play in Fuenlabrada and that we host Almería because the schedules have come out, but I don't know the next ones. We are Real Zaragoza and we are not going to be afraid of anyone. We know that each one is classified on its merits, but those games will come in due course. Right now we must think about next Monday, since there is no material time left. You have to recover players and put the eleven more competitive ”.

Encouragement from the dressing room: “We had a lot of confidence in them. It's a game that you want to win yes or yes and put a little more margin with relegation. That speaks to the ambition of the team. Hopefully all this sum of points contributes to salvation. ”

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