"People are making fun of me with the end of the last race"

The champion laughs about the devastation that the two Ducati of Zarco and Bagnaia gave him with his Suzuki on the Qatar straight last Sunday.



-Are you concerned that Suzuki has never finished above fourth place in Qatar?

-I'm not worried, because in the race we could have finished second. They passed us on the finish line. I mean, I think we can fight to win. If no one has achieved a better result, it does not mean that we cannot do it. It's probably not the best track for us, but it's a good track. I think it is very favorable for Ducati and for Yamaha, but we are also fast. It is not a circuit that is bad for us. The bike here works, but surely the others win a lot on this track, especially Ducati, because of the straight there.

-Possibility of using different tires?

-Unless the temperature changes a lot, which I don't think, the choice of tires, since we all use the same ones, is because it was very clear that the soft compound was the one that had the most performance at night. During the day the subject changed a lot, because it was very hot on the track, but since it will be at night and if the temperature is what it is expected to be, I don't think anyone will change their compound.

-They hit the key in the warm up. Has this base been able to solve not just one weekend but both of them?

-I don't think it will make us do 1:52 in qualifying, but I think it will make me drive better and in a more relaxed way, which can translate into better qualifying time. It is very important to see how I am in FP1 and FP2, because in this way we will work a little with a more solid and better base, and this will raise the level of the bike more and work based on other problems that are going to come out. , but going faster. Everything is going to be better, I hope.

-Have you reviewed the end of last week's race?

-I've seen her a few times. Above all, I have also seen that people are making fun of memes and that of 'The face that was left to Mir ...' and others. There are videos all over the place. The truth is that I have seen the last corner until the finish line a few times. But nothing, it's very funny. If something had changed, perhaps he would have tried to overtake Zarco a little earlier, but he closed the gaps very well. He has a lot of power, so if he brakes hard and goes very tight, no matter how much speed and cornering I have, it is very difficult for me to overtake him. Prepare a strategy a little earlier to overtake him and try to set my pace earlier. I was slowing down in the last two or three laps. I think I could have improved my records a lot more.

-How much rubber was left at the end of the race?

-Little. There was very little rubber left. We were all very on the edge, I don't think it can go much further than this, but we will have to work on it. The grip I think was very similar for everyone in the last laps. Those who have worked with tires like this and those who drive differently in those conditions are the ones who can make a bit of a difference. That's what happened in the last laps.

-Favorites for this weekend?

-The Ducati are doing very well here and the Yamahas too, especially Maverick, who is doing very well, has a lot of confidence with the bike and has shown that the Yamaha win here. Here either Ducati wins, or Yamaha wins. We have a good level and we managed to do a very smart race on Sunday, and I think we can do it again. I don't know if we are at their level, but I think that in the race when Zarco was marked "Mir +0" on the board, he knew what awaited him, that he might try to overtake him anyway. Of course, later, when I saw Zarco +0, I also knew what to expect. The show will be around. I don't know if we are as favorite as they are, but out there.

Photos from as.com
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