"We are at the limit, I don't know how we're going to end ..."

Zidane did not want to enter into controversies with Koeman: "If the referee did not whistle a penalty, it was not. We cannot just say that it was the referee, we deserved the victory."


Zinedine Zidane appeared in the flash interview after Real Madrid's epic triumph against Barça. The French coach was satisfied with the meeting of his team. These are his impressions.

Feelings: “Very good, very good game. We started very well. Then it was complicated because the rival is very good. We achieved a good victory, deserved, we had many chances to score the third goal. In the end it was a well deserved victory. ”

Koeman says it's Mendy's penalty to Braithwaite: “It's everyone's feeling. If the referee did not whistle a penalty, it is because there is no penalty. Then, the added time is up to him to decide. Then nothing. The important thing for us is what we did in the field. We had many occasions. Then we suffer because Barça is a very good team. Before the game they were ahead. We can be happy and we cannot just say that it was the referee, we deserved the victory. ”

His eleven: “Put one more in the middle knowing that Valverde could also be a bit on the wing, go into space and that's what he did in the first goal. He's fast, he gets between the lines. In the end it was the plan. In addition, in the middle they are very good. ”

Taconazo de Benzema: “Yes, in the end this is quality, talent and Karim has a lot. I'm happy for him, he scores again ”.

Aren't you happy for yourself? “I'm happy for them, we have had a lot of changes today. Enter Marcelo, Odriozola, Mariano, Isco ... We suffered but nothing has changed, they are all committed and want to play. And that's good. It is a very supportive team and today it has been seen ”.

Percentage of guilt that Zidane has: “I am with them, we are together, but it is them. I am responsible, of course, but I am happy for them. ”

When he wins, he does not show his chest: "I'm also happy, we have won together."

Leaders sleep: “That's why nothing is going to change, there is a long way to go. You have to enjoy today, what we did the other day because they are two games worked. Now we have to rest well because there are players touched. I don't know how we are going to end the season, we are physically on the edge. It costs us to finish the games. But we are alive and we are going to rest well and see how we can rest better and prepare for Wednesday's game. ”

He then appeared at a press conference.

Did the removal of Lucas Vázquez affect? What balance do you make of the game? "Lucas had a strong blow, Odriozola came out but nothing changed. Barcelona is a very good team. We controlled the game and we deserved the victory. We had opportunities. In the end we suffered, they physically demanded us, like Livepool, but it is a deserved victory ".

How is the team in the physical section? "We are at the limit physically, but better if we finish with three points. We are not going to change anything, we have to continue because we have not won anything. It will not change anything."

He said that they will let him go until the end of the season and the team has won since then ... "On your cover you said everything ... We are not going to change. We continue with what we are doing. There will be difficult games. But we ... Without seeing what they say it was because this does not help ".

What do you think of Nacho's work? "Nacho is reliable, knows the house and is always available. He has done well. I am happy because what we are doing is difficult. Those who came from the bench entered very well. It is important because everyone is committed to what we do and what we are doing. we are going to need ".

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