An Albacete with little gunpowder

In 32 games, the white team has only managed to score 21 goals. Improving offensive records will be key to achieving permanence.


With 10 games to go until the end of the season, Albacete is bottom of the Second Division and is now 4 points away from salvation after suffering two consecutive defeats.

The La Mancha team begins to play with fire and if it wants to have options to achieve permanence, the white team is obliged to improve its figures in attack, because in 32 days it has only managed to score 21 goals, being the team with the least scorer in the category, with the same offensive figures as Alcorcón.

This Sunday the team led by Alejandro Menéndez will receive the Spaniard with the obligation to score against the Catalan team so as not to sink further into the table

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