Alpine knows where to recover

Ocon, Alonso's teammate: "We are slower than last year, but we know which areas we have to improve and it depends on us."


Alpine is still at work to present a solid car in the second race of 2021, the Emilia-Romagna GP, which will be contested after a two-week break. There is no activity on the track, but there is at the factory: in Enstone they must unlock the benefits that the A521 offered on the test bench and has not yet taken to the asphalt. Fernando Alonso left, although he was combative between better cars like McLaren and Ferrari, and Esteban Ocon was 13th, although he believes that with a better starting position (he started 15th because a yellow flag left him out in Q1) he would have aspired to end in points.

"If we start later, we will be fighting for points. I fought against Vettel's Aston Martin and Lance (Stroll) finished in points, I think that we are with those cars. What hurt us was the starting position, yes You come out eleventh or twelfth if you can fight for the points, "explains the Frenchman, who admits:" We don't have any margin, it is clear that we need to extract the maximum from the car to be capable of that. We are aware, we see where we lack performance and what areas we must improve, we know what they are and it is up to us to find more rhythm for the next big prizes that gives us a little more margin ".

"We are slower, but we know where to look for that time"

How is it possible that a comfortable top-10 car in Bahrain 2020 has lost its mattress in just three months? "The new rules have changed many things, people will say that they are last year's cars but it is not true, because most of the car is new for everyone. For us sure, I know what we have in the car. We have all lost enough grip and downforce and we try to get it back. We are slower than last year, but we know where to look for that time and where to recover, "argues the 24-year-old French rider, Alonso's teammate at Alpine.

On his first race this year, he regrets the outcome: "There are few differences between the cars and it is difficult to come back. We fought against Tsunoda, Giovinazzi or Vettel, the whole team showed that we can be close to the points. Unfortunately, I lost a couple of positions With the Vettel incident (Aston Martin took it away), that's what racing is like when you fight so close. " "I reviewed the accident, Seb came to apologize and was penalized. If we had been fighting for good points I would have been more angry. I had damage to the car, but I was able to finish the race."

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