Acosta outshines Martín

"Personally I would say that the proper name at the start of the season is that of the Moto3 rider, he exhibits the qualities of the extraordinary.


Jorge Martín's first pole position in MotoGP and his podium run in the second round at Losail would be more than enough arguments to elevate the Madrid native to the status of the undisputed star of the Doha GP. A full-fledged display supported by the performance superiority of the Ducati, which does not detract one iota of value from that third position, which for most of the competition seemed to be even better. Martín is already a pilot of the queen category with all the laws and a hopeful future opens up before him due to his talent and youth. It will have to grow, settle, err and evolve, but now we know that MotoGP is not great at all.However, I would personally say that the proper name of the start of the World Cup season is Pedro Acosta, a Moto3 rider who surprised on his debut at the opening event of the season and who has dazzled with his first grand prix victory at just 16 years old. The result is spectacular, however, much more enlightening I consider the way in which he has achieved it: with an unprecedented maturity, an astonishing calm, an impeccable handling and an unwavering attitude. The one from Mazarrón exhibits the qualities of the extraordinary. It is early to rush with forecasts about its projection, which does not mean that what is glimpsed already invites us to take into account the name of this boy. If a star is born, time will confirm it ...

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