A plan for Messi and Neymar

Luis Filipe Scolari, winner of a World Cup and two Liberators, confessed that his great illusion would be to train the Argentine: "It would give me more joy than all the titles."


Luiz Felipe Scolari went through the microphones of Super Deportivo, of the Argentine radio Villa Trinidad, and took the opportunity to send a couple of winks to Leo Messi regarding his future, still on the air and with his contract with Barça signed only until the next June 30,

When asked what he would like to see happen to the Argentine forward next season, Scolari did not hide his desire to see him play alongside Neymar again ... but this time in French Ligue 1: "Yes, I would like to see them together, but not at Barcelona. I would like to see them at PSG. They make a pair that other teams would hardly have. The only certainty is that if they played together again, it would hardly be a game without PSG scoring goals. There would not be a single game in the one that PSG did not mark. They are two geniuses ".

The former coach of Brazil, world champion in Korea and Japan 2002 and champion of the Copa Libertadores leading Gremio and Palmeiras, is currently without a team after leaving Cruzeiro last January and will turn 73 next November.Despite his long career, with most of his career in the Brazilian league but also with Chelsea, as Portugal coach or even in the Chinese, Japanese, Arab, Uzbek or Kuawaiti leagues, Scolari confessed that his great illusion as The coach is still being able to coach Lionel: "To be able to coach Messi would be the greatest joy of my career and would surpass all my titles. It would make a lot of difference in my career to direct Messi. It would give me more joy than all the titles I got as a coach. "acknowledged.

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