A monstrous Jayson Tatum

Add 53 and the Cetlics rally 17 points in the second half to beat Wolves led by Towns and Russell in overtime.


The Celtics shouldn't have as much trouble to beat the worst team in the NBA, Minnesota Timberwolves (145-136 after overtime) on their track. But there are many phrases of these Cetlics 2020-21 that could begin with the phrase “they should not…” so better not to spoil the party. They are four victories in five games, enough to return to being positive (27-26) in part thanks to a help from the calendar that is fading now (they visit the Nuggets, Blazers and Lakers). And it is true that they have had to come back to form heroic in the Garden against both Knicks and Wolves. But, I insist, it is not a year of looking at cats feet when things end up going out of hand.

The games of these Celtics do not have enough good basketball ... but they do have emotions, even if they are more like a desktop TV movie than a blockbuster. Disastrous stages, comebacks, sinks, dramatic failures, complaints to the referees ... against the Wolves it was the complete batch: a devastatingly bad first half in which they lost very quickly almost 20 (25-39 only the first quarter) and a -17 in the third quarter before starting the engines and, with the tense atmosphere, starting a tremendous comeback: 101-100 after a 15-3 to open the last quarter and 107-100 while stabilizing a roll that, somehow It was not enough: with 122-111 and 2:50 to play, the Celtics ended up needing an extension after an incredible final (until 124-124) in which Towns had a triple and D'Angelo Russell 10 points, with a triple final to the board to tie before a final failure by Jayson Tatum. In extra time, with plenty of free throws and Kemba Walker's marksmanship, Brad Stevens's men did close the victory.

The news was Tatum, of course. The forward charged to save the win (18 points between the fourth quarter and overtime) and finished with 53 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists and a fabulous shooting series: 16/25, 6/10 on triples, 15/16 on free shots. The Celtics' highest score in the Regular Season since the 1960s, the franchise record, Larry Bird in 1985. And the first 50 + 10 for the Celtics since Bird himself, the great legend, in 1989. Behind are the 52 Isaiah Thomas points in 2016, a year before reaching that same 53 in the East playoffs against the Miami Heat. Isaiah's Golden Years.

Jaylen Brown finished with 26 points, Kemba with 17 and Smart with 24, 8 assists and four triples for 650 in his career, and one more with the green jersey than Bird (649). The sign of the times. And the Celtics can keep the victory, the comeback and the exceptional performance of Tatum. And leave the bad omens and depressive analyzes for other days. That, if the season does not change much, there will be.

The Wolves (13-40 now) have reason to be optimistic (within what there is…) in the last days. Anthony Edwards seems more and more like a number 1 in the draft (this time 24 + 5 + 5 with, his workhorse, good percentages). Jaden McDaniels is aiming for steal (number 28 of that past draft) and Karl Anthony Towns (30 + 17 + 7) and Russell (26 + 4 + 8) are mixing well after injuries and setbacks had barely let them play together. up to now. The second continues to start from the bench, but this time he did not enter as a guard next to Ricky Rubio but instead of the Spanish (Okogie was defending with a lot of energy), who finished with 4 points, 4 rebounds, 7 assists and 4 steals, with only one basket in play (1/5). Juancho Hernangómez, meanwhile, added 10 points and 4 rebounds.

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