Zidane is naked

The turn to three centrals changed the game against Real. He had used that drawing successfully against Getafe. In the club they take notes.

Against Real, when Madrid most needed to win to keep their chances for the league title alive before the derby, a tactical move by Zidane disarmed Madrid, who could not get past the draw. Vinicius's goal in the 89th minute still leaves the options open, but in a certain way that variation in the system has left the coach in the offices of the Bernabéu, where they point out this circumstance in the French coach's duty in a season in which Inks are being charged against his figure, due to the departure of vital players, they understand from Madrid, such as Ceballos, Reguilón, Odegaard or Jovic.

Madrid had had one of the best first parts of the season against Real, although the obvious chances of scoring had been reduced to a header from Mariano's crossbar and a subsequent shot from Asensio from inside the area. At halftime, knowing that he was dominating the match, Zidane tried to find more depth on the wing and delayed Casemiro as third center-back along with Nacho and Varane, thus leaving the wings for two lanes, Lucas Vázquez and Mendy.

Zidane did not measure the risk he was running by stripping the center of the field, in which, without Casemiro, Modric and Kroos were exposed. Madrid lost the ball first and then the score ...

A more irritable Zidane.

There is something different about Zidane this season. Little friend of high-sounding statements throughout his career in front of the bench, after the draw against Real, he was upset by the question of Ricardo Sierra, from Movistar Plus, about this change in the system that also changed the sign of the game: “ He wasn't happy with our pressure early in the game. So we change the drawing again. It could be that the change of drawing hurt, ”said Zizou in the first instance. But later, he ended up stirring before the journalist: “It could affect the change of the system, yes. This is the third time you have asked me. ”

From the noble floor of the Bernabéu, Zidane's command blows from the bench are also witnessed with amazement. In the last two games, against Atalanta and Real Sociedad itself, he has changed the three leading players in one fell swoop, thus showing his discontent with the men at the top.

The French coach recently surprised with an explosive press conference before the game against Huesca: "Tell me to my face 'We want to change you." It is the best sign that he feels that his position is more on the wire than ever. After that blow on the table, Madrid began an impressive appearance of five games won when it was most difficult, with the infirmary full of injuries. One of those victories, against Getafe, was surprising with a drawing of three centrals, like the one he tried against Real after the break. But this time it did not work ... The tie supposes a slowdown in the trend and Zidane is exposed again.

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