Zaragoza breathes again

A goal from Álex Alegría's house brand, which broke his drought, decided a fundamental victory for the permanence against an inoffensive Tenerife.


Real Zaragoza breathes again. An accurate header from Álex Alegría gave him a fundamental triumph in his dramatic fight to achieve permanence against an inoffensive Tenerife, who saw his aspiration to raise his goals in this final stretch of the championship stopped at La Romareda. The Aragonese team had gotten into a big mess, after two consecutive defeats, and this victory, absolutely essential, allows them to gain distance from the relegation border again, waiting for what their most direct rivals will do.

Juan Ignacio Martínez rebuilt his midfield with James and Chavarría, within a 4-4-2 drawing, while Ramis introduced up to five new features in the Tenerife line-up: Sipcic, Pomares, Aitor Sanz, Álex Bermejo and Valera. Zaragoza decidedly opted for direct football to reach Dani Hernández's area as quickly as possible, taking Narváez from the left and bringing him closer to Álex Alegría for the first time, and that tactical move did not substantially improve the Aragonese team's game, but it created many doubts and uncertainty for an opponent who appeared on the back of a streak of three victories in the last four days, and in the end it was decisive.

The first that threatened, however, was Tenerife, in a Valera center that Fran Sol did not reach by centimeters at the far post. But Zaragoza's response was almost immediate and accurate: a great personal action by Bermejo, which he received from Vigaray and mocked his marker on the baseline, was finished off by Álex Alegría, between the passivity of the two centrals, with a brand header. from the house in the 21st minute. On the seventh minute it was the charm and Alegría shook off the slab of ineffectiveness with a providential goal that took Zaragoza's nerves, although it did not improve its precision with the ball, a problem of very difficult solution without Eguaras nor Francho at the helm.

Four minutes after the 1-0, the controversial play of the match took place, when Moreno Aragón annulled a goal by Pomares at the exit of a corner for not having authorized the launch, after a fall in a struggle by Zapater. The corner kick was repeated and between Cristian Álvarez, first, and Álex Alegría, later and under the sticks, they ended up saving a double opportunity for Tenerife, which could have changed the course of the duel.

The second half started with a good chance from James and an even better one from Chavarría, after two setbacks by Álex Alegría, whose level of participation grew as Tenerife got disorderly in search of a draw. Zaragoza, better positioned, adjusted their pressure and made the match increasingly uncomfortable for the Tenerife team, unable to compromise the double wall formed by Francés and Jair in the center of the defense, well supported by Vigaray. Half an hour from the end, Ramis first played the trick of the Englishman Shashoua and then those of Jorge Padilla and Nono, a triple movement to which Juan Ignacio Martínez responded with the entry of the French central Peybernes and a change of drawing, going on to order his team at 5-3-2.

Zaragoza, superior in this period, was able to sentence in the 79th minute, on a header from Nieto, after a splendid corner kick from Zapater, but Dani Hernández, with one hand, made the afternoon stop.

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