Yanis KOs Logroñés

A goal from the Franco-Algerian winger meant Málaga's 0-1 score at Las Gaunas, against a team in free fall and ever closer to relegation.


When he does things well, it costs Logroñés a world to create chances and score. If you already make mistakes, the opponent just needs a shot on goal to take the three points. Just before the break, Iñaki conceded an expendable corner and broke the offside shot by Yanis, who went ahead of Petcoff's mark. The referee annulled the goal, but there was no room for doubt: the VAR called and 0-1. Not only was there no response from La Rioja, neither in the changes nor in the approach of Sergio Rodríguez, but Málaga was much closer to 0-2: the VAR considered that a shot by Luis Muñoz in 82 'did not enter after rejecting on the crossbar, and took another from Malaga due to an illegal position.

Apart from the obvious difficulties for the red-and-white team to dominate in both areas, they have another equally serious problem: when they get behind on the scoreboard, they almost never come back. He only beat one Oviedo with ten at the Tartiere and tied Castellón in Las Gaunas in the 93rd minute. The rest of the games have resulted in defeats. Too many stones in a backpack that only carries eight points from the last 48, a victory in 16 days. Coach and footballers transmit clear symptoms of anxiety and exhaustion. Very bad thing when there are 13 games left in the second round and the income on the descent is reduced to two meager points. The room for maneuver decreases dramatically.

And that Logroñés started well. Soriano took a shot with his left leg on 6 'from Paulino, surely the fittest man of the locals, after a good collective action. Dangerous centers, passes and conductions came out of the Cantabrian's boots, although Nano, Olaetxea and Rubén did not accompany him. Málaga, blurred in the first half, got oil with Yanis' goal. In the second part he perfected the pressure ... and only with that he suffocated a group devoured by the tension and its bad dynamics. Caye, Jozabed, Yanis and Muñoz generated several opportunities that did not end in the network for very little. The one that ended up inside was annulled by Ais Reig for offside by Muñoz, and her phantom goal did not go up. Very good sensations for the malacitanos. Logroñés must react now or his first campaign in professional football will end in tragedy.

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