Xhaka conjures Arsenal's bad luck

A gross error by Xhaka allowed Burnley to tie a game in which Martin Odegaard started again.


There are days when Mikel Arteta's Arsenal do not want things to turn out for him. And no, there is no way. They do not come out. You can play well, you can try any number of ways and cause all the chances you want, but luck is not on your side. In addition, it often has the misfortune to be a victim of friendly fire. Whether due to an absurd expulsion, an own goal or a monumental mistake like Xhaka's today, Gunners are often victims of themselves, only, there comes a time, as it can be today, when so much misfortune can end up costing you the season.

And that the Londoners, who once again bet on Odegaard as a starter, went ahead on the scoreboard with a great goal cooked by Leno, set up by Partey, served by Willian and finished by Aubameyang, who is like a motorcycle. But luck, once again, played its role again, and before the break came Xhaka made a rude mistake inside the area by hitting Wood that caused the final tie.

In the second half, with Arteta's men overturned, the referee even awarded them a penalty per hand including red, but the VAR, with implacable justice, showed that the ball had only hit Pieters' shoulder. With the time already fulfilled, and the hopelessness sown among his people by a Premier that escapes them, Ceballos had the clearest of the match, but his ball crashed into Pope's right post and with it two vital points were left for the aspirations of Arsenal, which already sees the 5th place at 8 points with one more game.

Photos from as.com
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