With Orellana you can believe

The Chilean played a great game and Plano and Weissman overtook Valladolid, which comes out of the relegation zone. Mata, who was sent off, caused nerves with his goal.


Real Valladolid beat Getafe again (2-1) after two months and leaves the relegation zone waiting for what the other teams do on this day. Plano and Weissman opened the scoring, but Mata's goal put the nerve in the game. The former white-blood player scored, asked for forgiveness and was later sent off in the second half. Getafenses are also still in the danger zone.

Started dominating Getafe that seemed more intense, with a greater sense of danger when approaching Roberto's goal, but without chances. It took 13 minutes for Real Valladolid to leave with foundation towards the Soria area, but at the first time they scored. The pucelanos moved the ball well, it reached Guardiola on the right, who tempered the ball to the furthest post where Orellana settled the ball with his head in the center of the area, so that Plano also clinched with the head (1-0) . The azulón team did not have time to react, when the pucelanos came out again in great danger to double their advantage. Orellana, in the best minutes as Blanquivioleta associating well with Olaza, entered from the left and put a first cross that Soria cleared with difficulty and badly so Weissman headed, the ball hit the crossbar and got into the goal (2- 0) .

Seeing is believing. Two occasions and two goals. The Chilean continued with his 'show' and his shot went off narrowly. The local team had a small downturn and in a lost ball in three quarters, Unal served a ball to Mata, who dribbled over Joaquín and scored when the ball hit El Yamiq (2-1) and went out. The Madrilenian, who had the best season of his life as a Blanquivioleta scoring 35 goals in the Second Division, again asked for forgiveness, like last year. Goal with marked ex-white accent.

Getafe improved a lot in the second half. Bordalás put Kubo on the field and the ball became completely Getafense, but without clear chances. Only Orellana tried from the front, but Soria stopped. From then on the occasions were visitors. The Japanese ran into Roberto, like Aleña. The azulón team advanced and put Pucela in their area, but did not have too many problems despite Mata's attempt to score with a header, but the Madrid players did not generate, they did not have continuity. However, it was difficult for Real Valladolid to get out, he did not get to see Soria up close. He improved somewhat with the changes of Sergio González and, above all, with the self-expulsion of Mata. He scrambled and kicked El Yamiq, for which he was expelled. And there the game ended because neither the Pucela wanted more, nor the Getafe could more. Real Valladolid breathes, the Madrid team does not get out of the mess.

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