Why will Márquez's first fall be so important?

Carlos Checa and Álex Crivillé analyze the return of the eighth champion: "I hope and wish that when the first tumble hits he will get up as he was just before he was injured."


Every day the light at the end of the tunnel is perceived bigger and bigger, but the last step still needs to be taken to finally leave the gallery. This is how Marc Márquez's situation could be summarized since last Friday, March 12, he received authorization from the medical team led by Doctors Samuel Antuña and Ignacio Roger de Oña to intensify his recovery with a view to progressively returning to pilot the RC213V competitively. .

The eighth champion has not yet decided whether he will participate in the first round of the 2021 season in Losail (Qatar), although as AS has learned, the sensations he has experienced so much in the two hours that he rode with a 150cc motorcycle of 4T at the Alcarrás circuit in its reverse version as in the private test in Montmeló with the RC213V-S, the street model from the Ala Dorada factory most similar to a MotoGP thanks to its 215 hp at 10,500 rpm and 160 kilograms.

Asked about Márquez's return to the premier class at the DAZN MotoGP presentation, Carlos Checa wanted to highlight the importance of Marc getting up firmly and confidently from the ground after his first romp with the Japanese saddle to clear up any little doubts he may have on the physical state of his right arm: "Marc is going to fall again, we do not know when it will be. We have to break the ice. And when you have fallen and have done yourself so much damage, and you come back, you always have that uncertainty When are you going to take another hit, what is going to happen. I think that sooner or later it will take a roll. I just hope and wish that he gets up as he was just before, and this will give him a lot of confidence, it will help him to get rid of that little doubt, because he is going to have it, what is going to happen to this arm when I fall, and I think we all have it. In Marc's first fall we are all going to get scared, and we are going to think about his arm. And that ice is going to have to break it, I think it will be a m important oment. Hopefully it doesn't happen, that it doesn't fall even once, but it's unlikely. "

An opinion shared by Álex Crivillé. The 500cc champion has indicated that Marc Márquez will face, sooner or later, this challenge depending on the risk he takes on his return, since the Honda is a great motorcycle but with a very critical front end to ride: "Marc will come with a lot of energy and drive. You will have to take it easy after so long standing still. The Honda is a great bike, but it is not easy to ride. We have seen in the preseason, in Qatar, Alex Márquez fell six times, also Pol, Bradl. .. Everyone. But the one who knows how to drive this Honda best is Marc, forcing the front end, getting that feeling, skidding from the front and entering the curves. I think that when he gets that feeling again, there will be no problem, but maybe it will cost him At first, get the feeling of the bike because he has not ridden the Honda for several months. But once he has it at hand, he will have no problem shooting and winning big races ".

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