Who said cycle change?

Barça once again imposed its law in the Classic and raised the balance of the season to 4-1 against the eternal enemy, but Madrid did not lose face. There is still a match.


The severe defeat of Real Madrid in the final of the Copa del Rey against Barcelona made three words circulate in basketball circles: 'change of cycle'. The sentence was still hasty, and much more if Pablo Laso's proud and competitive team is involved in the equation, but there were reasons to at least think about it, beyond the overwhelming result. The first is easily deduced with a glance at the names that appear on the court: Mirotic, Calathes, Higgins, Abrines, Davies, Hanga, Kuric, Oriola, Claver, Smits ... always under the baton of Jasikevicius. And that without yet adding Pau Gasol in the relationship, because his signing, for the moment, is more romantic than cash, and his performance is still unknown. The second reason is more related to the precedents of the season. It is true that Madrid struck first in the Super Cup, but the next three Clásicos, four with this Thursday, were colored Barça. While the whites suffered from injuries, with the veteran squad and with the departure of Campazzo, Barça grew and grew.

The fifth Clásico of the course was played with that background landscape, this time in the Euroleague, where Madrid's needs are much more pressing. The Catalan exit made the white fans put in the worst, but Laso's men reacted quickly to adjust a crash that was even until the end. This is basketball, sports, and you have to play. Games are not won before jumping onto the pitch. Those of Jasikevicius returned to impose their law, again, and raise the balance to 4-1 against the eternal enemy. By the way, Barça is already in the quarterfinals, while Madrid continues to be in trouble, among other things for not having won a match against Spanish rivals (0-6). You need two wins in five games. Despite this, the change of cycle will have to wait. There is still a game.

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