When PSG wanted to execute the Griezmman clause

The club was willing to pay the 80 million. According to 'L'Equipe', that his name did not sound as much as that of Neymar or Mbappé, it cooled interest and Antoine preferred to renew with Atleti.


Almost five years have passed after Antoine Griezmann was followed and sought by PSG, with whom this Wednesday the pass to the quarterfinals of the Champions League was played at the Parc des Princes. A stadium and a club that takes the French forward back to the spring of 2016, when he was able to sign for the French giant but did not want to or could not. Or both at the same time.

Posted to heat up, if possible, the atmosphere of the second leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League, especially after the 4-1 first leg favorable to the French team, in L'Equipe they wanted to remember when Griezmann was about to sign for PSG in 2016. Then, the French newspaper recalls, the Parisian club was looking for a striker to replace Zlatan Ibrahimovic and they thought of Griezmann.

The Frenchman had been at Atlético de Madrid for two years at the time and was about to explode in the Eurocup. PSG was looking for an attacker with enough notoriety to replace Ibrahimovic and who at the same time knew how to merge with the group, a condition that the French club was looking for to avoid having to depend on a single player, as happened with the Swede. And Griezmann met those requirements. Olivier Létang, sports director before Patrick Kluivert arrived, dreamed of a duo made up of Griezmann and Cavani.

The clause of the then rojiblanco amounted to 80 million euros and PSG was willing to pay them. So what stopped Griezmann's arrival? According to L'Equipe, the club was in a position to pay the clause and gives the answer by first asking a question: "Was it Antoine who declined the interest of PSG or was the interest of PSG not strong enough to convince Griezmann? a bit of both reasons. " As proof that this was the case, there are the words of the then French agent, Eric Olhats. Also, the extension of the French contract with Atlético de Madrid: "At no time, PSG was an alternative. There were meetings. The project was very attractive. But he will be a father, he is fine in Spain and Atlético is a great club ".

The French newspaper recalls that the interest in Griezmann coincided with the fact that PSG set its sights on two important signings: Neymar and Mbappé. But he also remembers that the name of Griezmann was not as strong then as those of Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar. In the case of the Brazilian, PSG began negotiations that same summer, but its high clause did not make his signing possible, which was made the following summer, which also coincided with the arrival of Mbappé. Meanwhile, in 2016 PSG had to settle for Jesé Rodríguez.

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