What would a Euroleague All-Star be like ... if he really existed?

The All-Star in the NBA is always an interesting event for the fan. How would that translate into the context of the Euroleague?


The Euroleague is the second most important club competition in basketball after the NBA. In fact, in the United States it seems that it is where it is clearest. Counting that local leagues, such as the Endesa League, are one step ahead of the continental one and that the Champions League has not yet reached the level to which FIBA aspires with it, it is the tournament to look at when talking about excellence European.

The format is clear: a regular phase, a quarter-final and a Final Four in a single venue in which to crown the champion. But perhaps a little boost is missing in the middle of the season, especially in terms of spectacle and thinking of the fans. The calendar is very tight, it is what makes it impossible, and in Europe the Cups that are played, mostly in February, are very important.

If the American model were adopted in Europe, an All-Star could be proposed, an event in which the best players compete for no other purpose than to entertain the masses and that even specialized contests such as dunks or triples could be held.

The following would be a suitable approximation to a Euroleague All-Star if we stick to what has happened so far in the 2020/21 season.

All-Star Party

(24 selected without order by conference or titular / alternate distinction)

· Nikola Mirotic (Barcelona). He is the most valued in the competition and his team is the leader. Not much more to say. And in the ratio of forty minutes it is the one that averages the most points even though it is not the leader of the conventional list.

· Cory Higgins (Barcelona). As he did in the Copa del Rey, you can see that he is the player to unlock if the other team defends Nikola Mirotic well. A rating of 14.5 attests to its power.

· Mike James (CSKA). The American point guard has taken difficult games and his absence has been noted when he has not been. Those of Dimitris Itoudis fell when he almost left and in the absence of a permitted trip to his country. Second in points, second in ranking. Superlative.

· Nikola Milutinov (CSKA). His signing was important for the Russians, who took a reference from Olympiacos and made it their own. With 17.8 he is the seventh most valued of the entire competition, even with an absorbing player like Shengelia at his side.

· Wade Baldwin (Bayern). It is he has changed the face of the Munich team. The prize is clear. He adapted badly to Europe in Greece, but here he has found a way to show that he is worth it. Very powerful going to the basket and good on defense, 15.4 is his average points. Andrea Trinchieri's best ally.

· Jalen Reynolds (Bayern). It would be difficult to choose between him and Lucic. Bayern is third and not low, so it is one of those that should have two players or even three. With only two opting for Reynolds, with an already extensive career in Europe but never as dominating as now, it would be logical even if Lucic is the watchword of the Bavarian team. In valuation, 16.3 credits.

· Vasilije Micic (Efes). Two player of the day awards in a row have crowned a good stretch. In the Turkish duel against Fener he scored 37 points. He has decided almost alone between four and five duels and that, for a team that was launched last year and this year is going through some more problems, it is important.

Shane Larkin (Efes). The American with a Turkish passport is still one of the best: ninth in points and in valuation. He has missed games and Micic has had double duty, but evidently Ataman relies more on Larkin's quality for the hot minutes.

· Shavon Shields (Milan). Last year he received the necessary boost at Baskonia to go to another team and in Milan he is averaging 13.1 points per game. If only one had to be chosen per team Denmark, the country where he was born, would surely do a good job voting for their best player in the Euroleague.

· Kevin Punter (Milan). Now, with Delaney injured, he must help Sergio Rodríguez in directing tasks. In what they have all been, he has been able to focus on his shots from the outside and on penetrating, which he does best, and put his average points at 14.2. Offensive draft weapon for Messina.

· Walter Tavares (Real Madrid). He is the most decisive pivot of the moment. If it weren't for him, much more danger for Madrid. He has taken over from Campazzo as a star of the team and his value in attack is also significant despite the fact that since he arrived his ability in defense has stood out above all. Second maximum rebounder (8.1), second maximum blocker (1.7) .

· Jaycee Carroll (Real Madrid). He wanted to retire and there he is. He already saved a couple of games last year and in this one he does the same. Triple saviors. The other Madrid option would be Trey Thompkins, but Carroll's ratio for 40 minutes is 26.4 points, which praises what he does in the time he is on the field.

· Nando de Colo (Fenerbahçe). He was absent at the beginning of the season and Igor Kokoskov's Fener made a fool of himself. He came back and is fully involved in the fight. PIR of 18.3, fifth best in this section of the entire Euroleague.

· Kevin Pangos (Zenit). Gudaitis is also playing very well under Xavi Pascual, but Pangos is his conductor and has won two matches with his individual quality. It is decisive. 12.5 points per game, forgetting his irregular stage at Barça.

· Marius Grigonis (Zalgiris). Shooter that attracts the attention of more and more teams. Zalgiris are playing very well with Schiller, very fast, and Grigonis not only follows the rhythm but participates in him. In Valencia, for example, I shot to win almost improvised. 14.2 points is his average this season.

· Achille Polonara (Baskonia). Henry, Peters and Giedraitis stand out in the Euroleague, but it is acceptable to nominate here this Italian combo that makes you the same as a forward or as a center and makes you a block that throws you from eight meters. 15.3 rating puts him in the top-15.

· Nikola Kalinic (Valencia). Prepelic and Dubljevic also count, but in Valencia this Serbian from Fenerbahçe is being very important, and more as the days go by. He is being the mainstay in attack and defense in many moments, he sets the pace and knows how to assume his responsibility. Due to his condition in the face of the average European fan, he would be the Valencian nominee.

· Moustapha Fall (ASVEL). It grows and grows. Dominate against much more experienced rivals. It is going to be important in recent years and ASVEL has been able to give it the opportunity. Set of feet of those of yesteryear if we take into account that it is very high. 14.7 valuation and scoring little, which weighs other facets.

· Scottie Wilbekin (Maccabi). His Maccabi is much worse this season compared to the previous one, but he continues to record star numbers: 14.5 points in 26 games.

· Kostas Sloukas (Olympiacos). Your computer is faulty. He does his job at the helm: 13.7 points and 5.9 assists for him, who tries to fight to improve those of Bartzokas.

· Nemanja Nedovic (Panathinaikos). 16.6 points per game, the fourth highest in the entire Euroleague. He does what he can with the companions he has. He takes more shots than the others because only Papagiannis is, perhaps, at his height. Candidate to leave Athens to that of ya.

· Jordan Loyd (Red Star). Reclaiming himself after his experience in Valencia: 17.3 points per game, not only with triples but also being the overall leader that is expected. The Balkans do not convince, but he does if we isolate him on an individual level.

· Luke Sikma (Alba). The Nikola Jokic of today in European competition. Ahead of others like Siva or Lammers, he should be included as Alba's selection: 9.3 points, 5.7 rebounds and many fantasy passes.

· Alexey Shved (Khimki). Not only is he the top scorer in the Euroleague, with 19.4, he is also the one who assists the most: 7.9. His team is in the doldrums, more than ever, but he is the star and much of his work is doing it the same as in previous years.Mates

(For spectacular this year and capacity shown)

Shaquielle McKissic (Olympiacos)

James Gist (Bayern)

· Mario Hezonja (Panathinaikos)

· Jeremy Evans (Milan)


(By percentage and selecting only one per team)

· Kyle Kuric (Barcelona)

· Gigi Datome (Milan)

William Howard (ASVEL)

· Marius Grigonis (Zalgiris)

Charles Jenkins (Olympiacos)

· Sergei Monia (Khimki)

· Jarell Eddie (Fenerbahçe)

· Rodrigue Beaubois (Efes)

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