What results can Alonso achieve with the Alpine A521?

The leaders of the Alonso team plan to "fight for the top-3 consistently" in 2021. Today they debut the A521 at Silverstone. The engine, old.


Alpine introduced the A521 on Tuesday. What does Fernando Alonso aspire to with this car? Asphalt tends to punish pride, which is why public statements about goals and expectations in F1 tend to be modest and demure. Well, the word "podiums" was repeated at least a dozen times during the French team's event. According to Laurent Rossi, CEO of the company, they hope "to be contenders for podiums in a consistent way and to fight against the best, that for this year, while off the track the new engine and the car of 2022 are built", with which already they do expect a qualitative leap.

Davide Brivio, recently landed from Suzuki as competition director, maintains that they will fight “regularly for podiums”. And Marcin Budkowski, who replaces Cyril Abiteboul at the head of the team with the Italian, repeats the dogma: "We enter the season convinced that we can maintain the positive trend of last year and fight for more podiums."

"Of course we want to win, but we have to be realistic. Last year we made three podiums and we have to start there, regularly fighting for the podium. Then, step by step, go for the best possible positions. There is a way to get to the podiums. victories ". "This year is special, everyone is looking at the 2022 car that is being developed." "We hope to improve our competitiveness in 2022, but victories are always among our goals. You need a goal, and then work very hard to achieve it."Good prospects, but an old engine

On a technical level, the blue, white and red car, in homage to the French and British flags, shows progress with respect to the RS20, although it is not advisable to trust the first images that the teams show and wait to the filming day that they will celebrate today in Silverstone with Ocon at the controls. The bicycle accident will not prevent Alonso from participating in the Bahrain tests (March 12-14) or in the grand prix (March 28), but it has robbed him of the opportunity to debut the mechanics with a short 100-kilometer test .

Budkowski, CEO and engineer by training, argues that the car is "an evolution of 2020, not a revolution, and that tokens (exchange coins to exceed the regulations in a specific part of the car) have been invested in the rear area ". Talking about champagne by now seems like a good sign and the impressions are good. If anything, one drawback: the new Renault engine will not arrive until 2022, "this year it will use an evolution of 2020, it was solid and it will provide reliability and a better start to the season." Ferrari and Honda will have a new engine.

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