What can Pol do with the Honda at Márquez's house?

"He has tried the Yamaha, he has tried the KTM and has made a very big improvement on this last brand," explains Ramón Aurín, Catalan's chief mechanic.


Ramón Aurín, head of mechanics for the Spanish rider Pol Espargaró at Repsol Honda, recalls that the Catalan "has already been in MotoGP for years" and has experience with other motorcycles so he "sure" can "contribute to improve" the RC213V, although It is clear that "the reference" in the team is Marc Márquez.

"Pol has been in MotoGP for years. He has tried the Yamaha, he has tried the KTM and he has made a very big improvement on this last brand. He can surely give us some knowledge to improve our motorcycle. This experience is always good and, to the time to adapt to the new bike will help him a lot ", comments Aurín in an interview facilitated by his team this Thursday.

For the engineer, they should not give up anything with the Granollers. "For the moment, we will try to reach the maximum possible and that is to be first, it is what we are looking for. Another thing is that the situation this preseason is a little complicated because we cannot do the training we would like and we will start a little behind in terms of set-up. But the objective is clear: to go for the World Cup ", he emphasizes."The reference is Márquez"

In any case, do not forget that at Repsol Honda "the reference" is Marc Márquez. "We have to start with him. From there, we have to find our way. First we will try to find his ideal position and from there try to fit the bike and have Honda work for him to modify the parts he needs, adapt the motorcycle completely to his style and to his way of riding ", warns Aurín.

"You always need an adaptation time because each rider is different when it comes to expressing his 'feeling' with the bike. First, there is an adaptation time to understand what he needs and besides, each motorcycle needs different things. riders are private and you have to try to find that point of coupling the bike to their style ", he adds about the requirements for the Catalan to be comfortable on the RC213V.

In this sense, Aurín considers that "the experience of having new riders causes you to make modifications to parts of the motorcycle that are normally done manually". "Having had new riders every year, we have the experience to modify things easily, on the circuit and the truth is that the mechanics are very agile when it comes to modifying these parts. To get to the point of comfort for the rider in the first practice from Qatar, they will help us with that skill they have with tools, "he points out.

The chief mechanic of Pol Espargaró regrets that they arrive "in Qatar almost directly for the first race", so they will try to "pineapple" and "have a good 'feeling' among the team's people." "They have experience, because they are people who have been in MotoGP for many years, they know what the motorcycle is like, they know how Honda wants things and it is simply to do pineapple and try to understand the needs of the rider to adapt them to the motorcycle," he says.

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