"Tell Westbrook to go to Barcelona and win the Euroleague ..."

The legendary Croatian player Dino Radja once again criticizes the current NBA course and uses Russell Westbrook, MVP in 2017, as a negative example.


From some fronts, the idea that the NBA is not defended as in other competitions is still maintained. With the passage of time, this idea penetrates public opinion thanks to the testimonies of people who have developed their work in basketball, as on this occasion the legendary Croatian player Dino Radja is in charge of promoting. In addition, the comparison of high-level European basketball and the national team matches organized by the FIBA as a counterweight to what happens in the NBA tends to also enter as reasoning. One of the latest examples can be seen in the 2019 World Cup, in which the United States remained in the quarterfinals and disappointed players of the stature of Nikola Jokic (Nuggets) or Giannis Antetokounmpo (Bucks) with Serbia and Greece.

Radja is one of those who insists on defending that the NBA of the past, in which he played (from 1993 to 1997 as part of the Celtics roster), is better than the current one. In recent times the Balkan has declared things like the following: "The NBA became an All-Star where defense is not played, the numbers are unreasonably inflated", "Everything is a continuous one against five", "Everything is does for the statistics, people stop closing gaps so that others can do their numbers, "etc. Now come back to the load with that idea.

The mythical ex-player from Split puts into the shaker his reluctance with the NBA that is played today and how convinced he is that basketball in Europe is not worth for some of them. He has done it in a Serbian podcast dedicated to the Nuggets, the team in which the previously mentioned Jokic (MVP candidate this year) plays.

"In the NBA he doesn't defend himself. When you come to Europe, you have to do it with five guys who know what they're doing. Let them cut off your penetration, don't let you catch offensive rebounds," he says, later giving the example of his Croatia in qualifying for the 2016 Games. "We played Greece in the Pre-Olympics and that was the tactic. At that time Giannis [Antetokounmpo] was already a good player, not the MVP but he was already at the top. We didn't let him in We blocked him, we did not let him receive the ball in the counterattacks ... He scored only four points, "he assures, emphasizing something that is true that with the Greek has been repeated.

"For example, this [Russell] Westbrook ... Take him to Barcelona or CSKA and tell him to be the European champion: there is no possibility of that happening," he said, mentioning one of the players who has the easiest way to do good numbers.

The United States, despite the fiasco in the last World Cup, has been chaining successes since 2010. It has linked two world golds with three Olympic golds until the appointment two years ago, and winning with sufficiency, which dismantles part of Radja's theory about the American-style competitiveness at the FIBA Championships.

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