"I was very happy with Cristiano; now I play another role"

Benzema has given an interview to the magazine 'ICON', from 'El País', which will be published next Saturday. The Frenchman shows his most personal side: "I never had idols."


Benzema takes the floor. The French striker, who is in doubt until the last minute for the derby, has given an interview for the magazine 'ICON', from 'El País', and has shown his most personal side. In addition, the Frenchman remembers his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo during his time at Real Madrid and explains his connection with Zidane. Benzema's full statements to said magazine will be published next Saturday in an extensive report with the Real Madrid forward.

Benzema arrived at Real Madrid in 2009 together with Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaká, among others, in what was the return of Florentino to the presidency of the Chamartín team. The Frenchman has great memories of the stage he shared with the Portuguese forward: "He was very happy with Cristiano," he says in 'ICON'. The Portuguese striker left for Juventus in the summer of 2018 and Benzema had to change his role in the team: "The only thing I would say is that Cristiano's departure allowed me to play a different role. He was scoring 50 or 60 goals a year. and you had to adapt to his game. He is one of the best in the world, "says the Frenchman. Regarding his relationship with Zidane, Benzema assures that "he is an older brother for me. Off the field, he is always there to advise me."

On a more personal level, Benzema opens up in this interview and, when asked about the importance of friendship in his life, affirms that "I only have one friend. Which shows that friendship is very important to me." The Frenchman, who is sometimes blamed for his coldness, declares that "it is not true that nothing affects me. I have feelings, but I will never show my weaknesses, even if I have them."

Karim grew up in the humility of his Lyon neighborhood, something that has marked his upbringing and character. "I come from a neighborhood where things were difficult. When I saw older boys well dressed and with beautiful cars, what I wanted was to be like them," says a Benzema who explains that he has no idols, but models: idols, but models. In football, I would say that Ronaldo, the Brazilian, was a model for me. I also admire Mike Tyson, because both he and I came from the bottom and we went up. Nobody has given us anything. "

The Real Madrid forward also speaks out about the racism suffered by some players on the pitch. "It should never happen. It is disgusting, horrible and dirty. We are all the same," concludes Benzema. To know all the statements of the Frenchman, we will have to wait until Saturday, March 6, when his full interview for 'ICON' comes out.

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