"He was like a caged lion"

Fernando Llorente reviews his career, his release by signing for Udinese and the ordeal he experienced in Naples. Talk about Cristiano, Pogba ...


Fernando Llorente admits that he has a new and hopeful opportunity after signing for Udinese in January. The Navarrese, in an interview with Tuttosport, wanted to tell about the ordeal he has experienced in Naples, where he claims to feel like "a caged lion." In addition, the Spanish striker recalled his time at Juventus, "the best of his career", defended Cristiano Ronaldo after criticism for the elimination of the Champions League and spoke of Pogba's future.

"Rejuvenated? What's more, I am like a child and I really want to play, have fun with the team and score. For the past year I felt like a lion in a cage. It is mentally difficult to train for so many months without going out on the pitch as happened to me in Naples. Even if you trust, it hurts, "he admitted.

For this reason, the first thing he did was to thank his new club: "I have to thank Udinese for giving me the opportunity to restart and feel like a true player again." Llorente admitted that the option to return to Juve existed. "There has been a lot of talk about it. Maybe the Juventus leaders thought about it a lot, that's why in the end nothing came out. Above all I would have liked to return because Juventus is still part of my heart. In Turin I lived the best two years of my career, winning five titles. "

The former Athletic player came out in defense of Cristiano: "I can understand the criticism for the elimination, but those who question Cristiano Ronaldo seem crazy to me. Their numbers speak for themselves. With Cristiano you start from 1-0 and then you guarantee a lot more, starting with experience. Let's not joke! "he admitted.

Finally, he spoke of Pogba's future: "I would like to see him again at Juventus. I think he did too: he had some wonderful years with Juventus, perhaps the best," he said.

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