"LeBron wants Curry"

According to journalist Brian Windhorst (ESPN), from the All Star, the Lakers star has not stopped tempting the point guard to recruit him in 2022.


From video game. This is what it would be like to see LeBron James and Stephen Curry on the same team. Two players who, being emblems of the modern NBA, are already considered among the most important of all time. The first, who for something is nicknamed the King, has already placed his name in the everlasting discussion about the best of all time; the second, without actually doing so, has had an almost unparalleled impact on the history of the NBA, and even basketball. From his wrist, mainly, an era has been launched, that of triples, which, for the moment, seems to have no end. Seven rings, six MVPs, 24 All Star and 22 All NBA, all that add up between the two. Scary. A fictional film that could only be made reality where fiction does not exist: the NBA.

The All Star was the origin of all the buzz. In the contest, where the two players shared a shirt for the first time in their careers, they showed a harmony that, until that moment, at least, was unknown. Smiles, lots of smiles, and an image that was meant to become iconic: Stephen, squatting, observing LeBron's usual ritual, expelling a fine stream of water from his mouth, up close. They did not coincide long on the track, since LeBron, in search of a necessary rest that was denied, only played 13 minutes. The rest of the game, ironically, was spent on the bench, enjoying, as one more, the display of 3-pointers from Lillard ... and Curry.

Curry, possible free agent in 2022

Since then, there have been many voices that have joined the utopian, seen from Los Angeles, of course: seeing them together in the Lakers. First they were anonymous sources from the league itself, which can always generate distrust. Then, more authoritative ones, like Nick Wright, a Fox Sports journalist. Kendrick Perkins or Paul Pierce also positioned themselves in this regard, although, at no time, presenting the option as something more than a wish. One of those that, sometimes, by force of will, can end up being confused with reality. Until now. Because the last to report on the matter, Brian Windhorst, is not just anybody. The journalist, currently practicing at ESPN, is one of those voices in the NBA that does not speak without foundation. Of which, many times, they anticipate the transfers before the players themselves find out. "Steph may close a contract extension this summer, but LeBron started recruiting him into the All-Star game," Windhorst said on the Hoop Collective podcast. Increase seriousness.

Currently, the Golden State Warriors point guard has signed a contract with the franchise until the end of the 2021-2022 season, at a rate of 43 million for this year and 45.7 the following. If the extension that Windhorst is talking about does not materialize, Curry would be a free agent in 2022, when LeBron's power of persuasion would come into play. A bombshell that, if made, would acquire dimensions rarely seen (or not at all) throughout the history of the competition. It would also be the closing of a cycle that has had everything: from the tenacious rivalry that started in the 2015 Finals to the heartfelt compliments that have been recently given away. Thirty-seven head-to-head matches, with a record favorable to Curry in both the total sum (22-15) and the Finals (3-1). Thirty-seven battles that have written pages and pages on separate sides, but that, in 2022, could begin to do so together. And with Anthony Davis ... At the moment, rumors (or wishes); but increasingly founded.

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