Vinicius does not deserve it

After being the savior against Real, he was again a substitute in the derby and when he jumped to the Metropolitan, he energized Madrid. He asks for more, but Zidane has condemned him to the role of simple revulsion ...

Vinicius perseveres in his eagerness to attract Zidane even though the French's mistrust in his pupil's football transpires over and over again in his decision-making. The derby of the Metropolitano that continues with the League open for Madrid has been the latest example, with the Brazilian converted together with Valverde in the solution that worked for the white team to turn the rojiblanco dominance and leave the League alive. Benzema made the necessary goal and before it had been Courtois the wall, but the entrance of Vini was energizing. More folios to your lawsuit to be the holder. Not even his saving goal against Real Sociedad just a week ago earned him the title at the Metropolitano. Zizou preferred to gamble with Rodrygo ...

The data is there. In the first half, Madrid attacked more on the right wing (44%) than on the left (34%) without penetrating Simeone's network; he started doing more damage from the left lane in the second half (40%) than from the right-hand lane (35%). It's not by chance. A few minutes after leaving, Vinicius leaked a pass to Benzema's uncheck that was a candy, almost 1-1 wrapped in gift paper, but Karim was doubly repelled by Oblak. Trippier, who had come from a long break, began to ask for the time since the carioca entered.

Always under suspicion

Standing out in a derby is no guarantee of anything for Vinicius. It is difficult for Zidane to trust the Brazilian. "As it happens to Simeone with Joao Félix, others enter him more by the eye", analyzed Antonio Romero in Carrusel in the initial bars of the duel. Although Vinicius is the second top scorer (four goals) of all the white attackers after the dominant figure of Benzema (18) and is the one who best combines in the form of assists with the French, the four that he has given this course were for Karim , Vini is the Madrid player who has had to make the most of his life from the bench. He has entered the field from the substitution on 16 occasions. Load with the replacement or revulsive label. The dressing room itself perceives that Zidane has no faith in Vinicius.

He was more than obvious in the derby. The attacking trio was Benzema and Rodrygo, although they arrived little shot as they were fresh from injuries, plus an Asensio who did not even shoot on target. When the revolutionized football of Vinicius entered the scene, Madrid doubled, went from its six shots in the first half ... to eleven in the second.

Vinicius is a 20-year-old but transparent boy. If more than once he asked Zidane for help to improve his aim in the definition, he also went by phone to apologize to Zizou when he committed a childish act in Manchester that irritated his coach, as revealed by AS. But he cannot find the way to generate complicity with Zidane. Nor did he receive a public slap from his boss after the derby. 'Can Vinicius and Valverde take the step from revulsive to headlines?' The answer, more Zidanian than ever, was to make the sphinx. "Everyone deserves to play," he just said. Rodrygo only needed one game after his two-month injury to start; Asensio has been in the last 12 league games. Vinicius appears to have a glass ceiling that he cannot, or is allowed, to break.

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