Vicente Moreno's Espanyol, as in Gila's war

Without a job, neither against their youngest rival, nor hardly any benefit, the blue and white team stars in their plan and is moving away from direct promotion.


Without office and almost without benefit. It has been happening to Espanyol, especially from a few days to this part, that if a Martian - with football notions, yes - landed on Earth without knowing the classification or the record of any club, he would have serious doubts to know if the firm aspirant Upon promotion, the team forced to go up to First, the historic one for 85 seasons in the top flight, is Espanyol or any of its last adversaries. In the case of the Mirandés, the aggravating factor is that it is the youngest team in the Second Division, although far from being intimidated, it compensated with self-confidence that lack of trade that parrots do have, although sometimes it seems to be kept in the drawer of oblivion. No trade or - as far as results are concerned - almost no profit. Because the 2-2, not even reaching the end can be considered epic or positive.

Gila's War. "With these players I go to war," Vicente Moreno pointed out on Friday. Well, in view of the result and especially the deployment of a mediocre Espanyol since the beginning of 2021 - in the style of that terrifying last season in which Massanassa was not there but the current sports director and general director were -, the war To which the parakeet trainer refers, he fights with an occasional real bullet that sneaks through a forest of paintball guns, perhaps water, or directly is the one with which the great Miguel Gila ironized, who through his calls While lying leveraged in the trench, he wanted the enemy to surrender after making the most laughable excuses. The plan stopped working weeks ago, and despite the resources available to the staff, no other alternative idea appears. Only Nico Melamed's goal makes up some changes that they don't usually make lately either. The direct promotion is complicated - no matter how much Espanyol occupies it right now - and the enemies, to continue with the war jargon, grow and no longer even ambush.

Very different lag, identical cracks. The coach gave entry to Calero, in the most surprising novelty of a line-up in which Óscar Gil –after injury– and Pedrosa –after sanction– also returned. That is to say, a completely new defense except for Cabrera, and with extension of changes in the pivot with David López to the detriment, by mere technical decision, of Keidi Bare. Apparently, too many variations for it to work, at least initially, and this was demonstrated in an overwhelming start by Mirandés and in a high heel goal, half genius half demerit for not covering the near post. But, above all, in the action that led to the 1-0 corner, one more day the concession of a kick from the edge of the area. That's how Nahuel, from Oviedo, scored, that's how Meseguer paved his way. Different day, same story.

To third parties and at all risk. The week was coming marked by Embarba's phrase, "some colleagues do not even know that we are third", elevated to almost syntactic analysis to discern if he said it literally or if it was a bad example to consider that the important thing is not to be third now but to final. The winger retaliated for all controversy with a performance at least unbalancing, from more in the first part to less in the resumption, with spark and that complicity with Raúl de Tomás that served to make the 1-1, after suspense by a VAR that He tried to study for three minutes an offside that clearly was not, except at the sight of a line that was not taking any. Like car insurance, Espanyol follows third parties, but the Embarba-RdT couple is fully insured. Too bad it is of little use lately.

Anduva's thermometer. Although there have only been three matches in their history, Espanyol will continue without having won in Anduva. Two draws and one defeat. It is enough to review that small balance as to be alarmed. In the first clash, 29 seasons ago, parrots played in First and Mirandés, in Third. In the second, in First and Second B, respectively. And now, both in Second A. As the blue and white do not abandon this inertia ...

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