Valencia continues its commitment to safe basketball

The Copa de la Reina starts at La Fonteta. During the pandemic, the ACB, the Spanish Federation, the FIBA and the Euroleague have organized events at the taronjas facilities.


Valencia will host the Queen's Cup of the Endesa Women's League in the 2021 and 2022 editions. As of today, the action will begin in the Fonteta of one of the most attractive competitions of the season. And this is already becoming commonplace. Valencia Basket's commitment to keep basketball active comes from afar. The taronja club, thanks to the support of its patron Juan Roig, has invested in keeping this sport more active than ever, becoming the regular venue for the major events of the season.

The path began with ACB, hosting the Exceptional Final Phase of the Endesa League. The competition was fixed on the taronja project thanks to the reliability offered by its innovative concept of "bubble" that allowed it to offer the maximum possible sanitary guarantees so that the players could focus solely on playing, in what ended up being a real spectacle that at the level organizational was a reference worldwide. The NBA was one of the competitions that focused on the success of the initiative in Spain.

But it did not end there. They also collaborated with the Spanish Federation in summer to allow the greatest national talents to enjoy their usual summer gatherings. Again with all the measures and taking care of every detail. L'Alqueria del Basket, the largest infrastructure in Europe dedicated to basketball that had become an Advanced Medical Center for the Phase, made it possible thanks to its 13 courts and specific facilities. All the categories of the national team, from the sub14 to the sub18, both female and male, worked in the Valencian facility. At that time the Federation and the Valencian entity were, according to Jorge Garbajosa "at the best moment of their joint effort in favor of Spanish basketball", with their sights set on the Women's Eurobasket that next June will also land in Valencian lands.

But along the way, that relationship has again borne fruit. The commitment to women's basketball has been boosted again with these two editions of the Queen's Cup in a season in which Europe had also opted to host important matches. Valencia Basket was the host team for the initial phase of the Eurocup Women, and after the organizational success and the classification of the taronja team, it will also host the round of 16 and quarter-finals, once again hosting one of the bubbles of the tournament from the hand of FIBA.

The Euroleague also had the advantage of having the Club's organizational experience. Before starting the season, Valencia was one of the venues for the preparatory tournaments. The We're Back Preseason Tour opened with a tournament at La Fonteta in which the taronja team was the winner. As if that were not enough, to date, the junior tournament of the same organization, the Adidas Next Generation Tournament, has only been able to hold one of its qualifying competitions. The one that took place in L'Alqueria del Basket last December. Thanks to the installation, the future talents again did not miss one of the most important appointments on their calendar.

All these events and the cup event that is now beginning are a good demonstration of the organization's organizational capacity, which once again contributes to Valencia continuing to demonstrate, also in 2021, that it knows how to organize and reinvent itself to become the venue for sporting events of the highest national and international level, adapting to the health needs and restrictions of the public that the situation demands, but without failing to show that sport can continue with the maximum security measures and always putting health in the first place.

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