Valencia clings to the heroic and demolishes Fenerbahçe

Those from Ponsarnau were the ones who missed the least in a game where the ring was small for both teams. The epic of entering the Top-8, closer.

They say that in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is the king and in the Fonteta that saying could be perfectly applied. Valencia and Fenerbahçe had a meeting in which Ponsarnau's men knew exactly how to control the visitors but where the bad percentages of both from the triple (16 and 14 percent respectively) aborted any iota of tension. It is true that the one who failed the least won and also the one who defended the best, but if the locals took the duel it was because they stayed cold when the Turks pressed the most and a Van Rossom (17 + 5 + 3) that at 34 years old he knew read the game perfectly, both in counterattacks and static. Valencia clings to the Euroleague and the heroic of winning six consecutive games already seems more possible after a night in which they won and convinced.

The Turia team did not enter the game well, who, aware of the importance of the duel, started a bit shaky. The Turks took advantage of it and quickly put land in the middle with a partial of 0-5, however in an action worthy of 'highlights' with a Labeyrie block and a past hoop from Van Rossom woke up those of Ponsarnau, who returned him the partial to the visitors with an 11-1. Although Dubljevic, Prepelic and company saw the big hoop, the fact that the Taronja left eight ahead at the end of the first quarter was more due to a visiting mistake, since they wasted several free shots.

A similar pattern was experienced in the second quarter: Fenerbahçe reigned in static but Valencia based on defense and counterattacks prevented the Turks from getting ahead. The area was owned by Pierre and Jan Vesely, but the rest of the field was commanded by Sam Van Rossom taking advantage of the poor Turkish defensive balance. When it seemed that the visitors could get ahead before the break, Derrick Williams appeared, who with a flash in the form of four points and a precious assist without looking, showed that the quality still has it, although it does not always show it.

Nine ahead of Ponsarnau began the third quarter and six more finished it. Along the way, Fenerbahçe managed to lock down the taronja counterattacks and slow down the pace of the game at all levels, but luckily for the Spaniards, Igor Kokoškov's players saw the tiny hoop. So much so, that neither the fact that Ponsarnau's men only scored two points in the first five minutes of the period, nor that De Colo scored a four-point play, including Marinkovic's technique, helped the visitors to take the lead. .

La Fonteta dressed up in nostalgia in the last quarter when De Colo threw the team on his back like so many other nights he did with Valencia. The Frenchman finished with fifteen points, most of them scored in the fourth quarter, but found himself very alone and his teammate Jarell Eddie spared the taronja by missing four triples. Those of Ponsarnau remained with a cool head and precisely the Nordic Hermannsson (11 + 3) marked distances with a triplazo to put the +9 again and culminate a match that leaves the Turia with options to dream of the Top-8.

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