Unicaja visit Barça with the memory of the Cup in mind

The Malaga team put Barça in trouble in the quarterfinals of the KO tournament, although this afternoon (20:30, #Vamos) Brizuela will not be there (33 points in the Cup).


Unicaja had Barça on the ropes in the Copa del Rey in Madrid. Those of Jasikevicius needed an extension to get rid of the Costa del Sol team, who complained of a foul on Abromaitis (Davies grabbed his shirt) that could have resolved the game in their favor in regulation time (follow the game live at AS.com). "This match has nothing to do with the Cup match", warns Katsikaris who thinks it will be "difficult" to surprise Barça who "already have that experience" .

The Greek coach, who gives three keys for his team to win ("concentration, energy during the 40 minutes and physical fitness"), will not be able to count on Darío Brizuela (the best in the Cup with 33 points) or Carlos Suárez, but his team arrives in better dynamics: he has won his last three commitments.

It will be a special duel for Deon Thompson, who will become a centenary this afternoon (20:30, #Come on). In addition, Nzosa is two blocks away from becoming the best underage blocker in the history of the League. The honor, for now, belongs to Usman Garuba, who put on 22 caps before his 18th birthday.

Photos from as.com
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