Tunda from LeBron to Curry

The King came out in the beating of the Lakers, who passed over a dominated Warriors from start to finish. Harrell, with 27 points, key.


It has been a long time since the Lakers won so strongly. And they have done it at the Chase Center, against the Warriors and with a rival of the stature of Stephen Curry, that arch-enemy of LeBron James who since the All Star is no longer so. There, both rivals, faced by the narrative even personally, shared a team for the first time and showed great harmony, a moment that they have lengthened in Golden State, where they have greeted each other kindly, shared jokes and had a duel, that yes, very far from the mythical ones who faced them in the Finals. The balance between the two, who have met 38 times, is now 22-16 for Curry, who sees how El Rey cuts distances once the glory days of the Warriors have been left behind, those that made them reach five Consecutive finals and win three rings, in one of the greatest dynasties in history. The one who seems to always live with greatness is LeBron, who only took a break in 2018-19 to win his fourth ring the following year and increase a legend that continues to grow shamelessly.

The Lakers dominated the game relentlessly, from start to finish: they shot with almost 63% in field goals, over 40% in triples, beat their rival on the rebound (46-30), distributed 36 assists and, Although they lost 19 balls, a fact that could have been a slab, they caused 22 losses for the Warriors, which they left 43% from the launch and just over 35% in triples. The Angelenos won each and every one of the rooms, scored 36 and 35 points in the second and in the last, they did not let the locals go beyond 26 in any of them, thus displaying an excellent defense, and at halftime they were already sending of almost 20 points (65-47). And all this without an Anthony Davis who still has no return date. In other words: total dominance and overwhelming victory, by 31 points at the end, one of the most forceful of the season and in one of the most complete games that the Angelenos have played in a long time.

LeBron James was, again, the Lakers leader by getting a triple-double, the fourth of the season for him: 22 points (with 8 of 13 in field goals and 2 of 4 in triples), 10 rebounds and 11 assists for, yes, 6 losses. Of course, the +/- was brutal: the Lakers had a +33 with him on the court, their best figure of the season. Something that, in the case of the King, is saying a lot. It is already known. In addition, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope had 14 points with 3 of 4 in triples, Talen Horton-Tucker made an extremely complete game (18 + 4 + 10), Kyle Kuzma, with 7 of 11 in field goals and 3 of 5 in triples , reached 17 goals (with 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals that lengthen his great moment of form) and Montrezl Harrell was the other great hero of the game: 27 points in a spectacular shooting series (11 of 14) and 5 bounces in just 25 minutes. Harrell, who moves like no one under the basket, catches offensive rebounds or receives the last pass (either from LeBron or anyone else) is at more than 14 points per game, being one of the candidates for the Best Sixth Man award. that you already got last year. And someone who has adapted perfectly to Frank Vogel's game scheme.

In the Warriors there is little to scratch this time. Stephen Curry was the best with 27 points (9 of 17 in field goals and 4 of 7 in triples), but he hardly contributed in other facets of the game (3 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals), and failed to involve his teammates , always harassed by the rival defense. The one who did try to do some of that was Draymond Green, who had 6 rebounds and 7 assists, but only scored 2 points, went to 4 losses and the Warriors added -12 with him on the court, just like with Curry. Kelly Oubre, Nico Mannion or Jordan Poole had good phases of the game, but almost all of them arrived with the game sentenced and in the garbage minutes. The Warriors miss the loss of the Mavs, the kind that follow a victory, the one they need to get into the playoffs. The Lakers consolidate in the third position in the West, behind the Jazz and Suns (first and second respectively), but ahead of the Clippers, who also won. And Curry and LeBron, so friends.

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