Tottenham's superb hit

Those of Mourinho, eliminated, after losing the income of 2-0 in the first leg. The Portuguese coach is very touched after last weekend's defeat against Arsenal. Orsic, the hero.


José Mourinho is going to dream tonight with Mislav Orsic. Three goals from the Croatian, three from a player who has barely played and who had only scored two goals all season, brought Tottenham down from a Europa League in which he was a favorite for the title. The result of Zagreb, deserved by the speculation of a Mourinho who gave the tie won with 2-0 in the first leg, leaves the Portuguese and the team very touched after last weekend's defeat against Arsenal.

After a sleepy first half by Tottenham, it seemed that the biggest risk for Spurs fans was watching a bland match, but Orsic, with a missile from outside the area on time of play, shook the foundations of the tie. Fear began to take hold of Mourinho's men, who, on the bench, gulped, and the Portuguese decided to reverse the rotations by putting Bale on the pitch. Dele Alli, to whom they are trying to give more opportunities, did not respond, and his party, poor in almost all aspects, surely has not gone unnoticed by the Portuguese.

Tottenham's worst fears were confirmed in the 82nd minute when Orsic, again, completed a good team move and sent the game into extra time, and already there, when with the data in hand, the review that he was doing was seen black on white. giving Dinamo to the English team, it began to be seen that Tottenham was not prepared for this match.

The final comeback of the tie came, as was already feared, in the second part of extra time, when Orsic, always Orsic, re-entered like a dagger and at ease through the spur defense to score a shot from outside the area that Lloris he did not even see.

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