Too much Anadolu Efes for so little Valencia Basket

The Turkish team destroyed the taronjas from the triple in the second half. Only Dubljevic (15 + 6) was at the level of a rival who is already in playoff mode


The winning streak of Valencia Basket against the greats of the Euroleague is over. And that in the first quarter it seemed that poker was possible. But to beat this Anadolu Efes, the level must be almost outstanding. And Valencia did not pass the approved scraping. The numerous losses in the first two quarters (11) and the low contribution in the inside game, with the exception of Dubljevic, minimized the taronjas options.

It was not a good game for Valencia. If you also face an Anadolu in playoff mode, things get very complicated. And that Larkin and Micic weren't stellar either. It was Sanlin (20 points and 2 rebounds) who broke Valencia from the paint and from the triple (3 of 3). In Valencia, Dubljevic stood out (15 points and 6 rebounds) although MVP Kalinic was slightly missed in attack. Even so, the Serbian always contributes (9 sacks and 3 assists). Too little for a rival who challenged Valencia in the second half to a 3-point battle and came out more than victorious (18 of 31 from beyond 6.75) .

Valencia Basket came out knowing that the game was not just another. He closed the Turkish scoring routes and, with a huge hit in the triple, took the first serious advantages. The taronjas left Anadolu by 6 points in the first six minutes (6-16). Obviously, the ring had to be opened for the locals. And so, a basket from Simon and a triple from Larkin unblocked his team. However, Valencia kept the stake and a basket on Tobey's horn left an 18-23 more than hopeful at the end of the first act.However, it wasn't going to be that easy to beat this team full of superstars. A couple of entry losses were strongly punished by the Ottoman cadre. Eight points followed by an immeasurable Sanli put the first local sale (30-27, min.14). But Prepelic was at war. Two triples in a row by the Slovenian contained the Anadolu avalanche. Up to six triples made the Efes in the second act. One from Micic and a basket from Beaubois before the break posted the highest income (46-40). The 11 losses of the Valencians in the first half weighed down on his idea of sending on the scoreboard.

The end of the third quarter, definitive

Valencia, however, came out of the locker room in full swing. A 0-7 run, with Derrick Williams taking advantage of those inspirational minutes that sometimes permeate his game, put him back up (46-47, min. 22). It was there that the battle broke out from the triple: Kalinic, Simon, Larkin, Derrick, Sanli and Tobey. All of three. Valencia arrived until 61-58 (min. 28). He had departed. Or not. Seven points in a row by the Turks at the end of the third act was the escape that was never held (68-58, min. 30).

Still tried Prepelic and Van Rossom who, from the triple, tried to make Anadolu think. But Beaubois (5 of 7 in triples) had other plans. The Frenchman crushed the taronjas from the triple and the last minutes were makeup. The difference in valuation gives an idea of what the crash was in the end (122-82) .

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