Thomas doesn't throw in the towel

The former Atlético de Madrid player, who arrived with the star band to some Gunners who desperately need a quality leap, has not yet been able to show what he is capable of.

It's not been an easy first year for Thomas Partey. The former Atlético de Madrid player has acknowledged today at a press conference that, between the change of league and his physical problems, he is not having an easy adaptation after his arrival at Arsenal, but that it is a matter of time before his best version is seen . Partey, who arrived with the star vitola to some Gunners who desperately need a leap in quality, has not yet been able to demonstrate what he is capable of.“It has not been easy, I still have to learn many things and visit many others with my family. With the situation we have we can only hope that everything will improve soon so that we can get to know England a little better ”, he explains about his adaptation to the country. “It was very difficult for me to get used to the way the team played, and I also think that the injuries complicated everything a bit, but now I feel good. I'm doing everything I need to get fit and be able to play more games. ”

However, the footballer, who has just chained three consecutive games, although not complete, believes that at some moments of the season there have been glimpses of what he can contribute to the team. At the moment, he has only been able to participate in 16 games in which he has added a goal and an assist.

“I have had some good games. I think that against Manchester United and Wolves I have shown things, but having fewer games and less training has meant that I have had to work hard to get back to my level ”, he points out. “As a player I think the only thing you want is to enjoy each and every game, but it all depends on how you approach them. It also depends on what the coach asks of you, but as long as that helps to achieve results and for the team to improve, I am very happy. ”

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