This will be the 2021 route of Andalucía Bike Race by Garmin

The route of the 11th edition of Andalucía Bike Race by Garmin, which will be held from May 17 to 22, will have Jaén and Córdoba capitals as the only venues.


The route of the 11th edition of Andalucía Bike Race by Garmin, which will be held from May 17 to 22 in Jaén and Córdoba capitals, as the only venues for this edition, will be a route where the beginnings of the competition will be remembered as it was in the last edition, with typical sections and others that have not been traveled for a long time.

The ascent technique of the Pincho, El Neveral, El Arrastraculos, Los Villares will go back up, we will leave through the characteristic channel in Córdoba, we will visit the Quiebrajano reservoir, we will ascend El Reventón, Los Morales, the Loma de los Escalones up and down, and avoid the area of the train track in Cerro Muriano (Córdoba) as it was in the last edition.

In the six stages of this edition we will find some routes with sections of long ascents, long descents, sections with a lot of nature and natural wealth, high peaks with panoramic views and as it has always been, we will ride near the olive trees in the province of Jaén. The stages will be tough and technical, but in each one of them we will find the ingredients to make them epic, fun and incredible.


24.55 km & 870 m + | Jaén 05.17.2021

The FLASH STAGE will be the only time trial (XCT) of the competition, and the shortest stage of all. With 24.55 kilometers and 870 meters of unevenness, the ascent to El Neveral, the highest point of the 995-meter stage, stands out. A demanding stage has been designed following the typical orography of Jaén, with a long ascent and descent. The hardness of the terrain will make it a very attractive and fun stage to start this edition with a good taste.


64.12 km & 2,250 m + | Quiebrajano Reservoir 18.05.2021

Stage that is located in its entirety in the southern mountains of Jaén and that stands out for two long ascents. With 64 kilometers and 2,250 meters of unevenness, it stands out for the incredible panoramic views that will be enjoyed throughout the stage and at the top of the three main ascents. We will find long and long outings with spectacular trialeras that will make all Mountain Bikers enjoy. Here we will find different touches of the authentic Andalusia Bike Race of incredible trails and pure Mountain Bike.


72.12 km & 2,924 m + | Jaen. 19.05.2021

We say goodbye to Jaén with a very typical stage of the orography of Jaén, with hard sections but that contrasts with the views that we will find. We will leave from the Fuentezuelas Sports Complex (as in the Flash Stage) towards El Neveral, a mythical point that we already visited in stage 1, but ascending through El Pincho with technical and mythical trails of Andalucía Bike Race. Once this first ascent has been made and a 1,500 meters of unevenness, we will undertake the different descents. It will be a stage that, although it may seem short, will be very physically demanding. The variety of terrain and flora will be the protagonist of the stage, with which it will be necessary to monitor so as not to suffer any incidents and to be able to reach Córdoba with strength.


63 km & 1,694 m + | Cordova. 20.05.2021

Already in Córdoba province, Stage 4 will be a stage that will stand out for the toughness of the terrain where it will mark differences between the Mountain Bikers. It stands out for the ascent to Arroyo de la Gitana, which has not been run in Andalucía Bike Race since 2013.


92 km & 2.364 m + | Cordova. 21.05.2021

The Super Stage will be the longest stage of this edition with 92 kilometers that stands out for the ascent to the mythical Reventón. A long stage but once El Reventón is ascended, it becomes bearable and brings together the best of the Cordoba mountains, really showing the essence of Andalucía Bike Race with easy, hard climbs and a long downhill path.


48.3 km & 1,230 m + | Cordova. 22.05.2021

The Finisher stage is a stage to have fun and to finish Andalucía Bike Race with a smile. The stage begins with an area of enjoyment in the Santo Domingo area with plains to climb La Loma de los Escalones, which in the previous stage we made the descent, to crown at the highest point of the stage, in the Arrastraculos. From there we go to the peri-urban Park of Los Villares to go down Las Conejeras with a descent that will renew to undertake the last kilometers towards the finish line passing through Los Morales and the wonderful and fun trails of Santo Domingo.

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