This was the moment when Alonso overtook Hamilton

In the middle of the finish line, the Spanish and the British coincided and the Alpine caught the slipstream of the Mercedes to overtake it reaching the corner.


It is only training sessions, but it was an action that reminded us of old times, of other times in which two great drivers fought on the track and even inside the box itself. One of the intense moments of the preseason tests was starred by Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton on the last day.

Spanish and British met on the Bahrain track and the Alpine track on the finish straight, they launched into the Mercedes, which was coming from a preparation lap. In winter training, the drivers and team have to try many things and it is sure that practicing an overtaking on the champion does not hurt anyone.

It was a clean pass, in which neither of the two, focused on the development of their work, gave the maximum or excessive risk. But it shows, by the reactions on social networks at the moment, that the fan wants real action on the track and to see the great drivers on the grid fight one hundred percent.

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