They entangle Madrid with Alaba

Pini Zahavi, agent of the footballer, has slipped that Madrid and Barça are ahead in the race, but does not close the doors to PSG and Chelsea. In 'Kicker' they put the whites in the lead.


David Alaba is one of the candies on the market and Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG and Chelsea want to put him in his mouth. It's no secret at this point. The Austrian officially confirmed that, after 13 years, he will leave Bayern Munich. The high demands of renewal made the agreement impossible and the Austrian, one of the most valued defenders on the planet, will change its air at zero cost. The teams that seem to come out in the front line will be the Spanish, as the most recent information pointed in that direction. Line that Kicker also draws, although they add an extra point, the pole position is Madrid, and a but, courtesy of the player's agent.

"David has to choose who wins the race," says Pini Zahavi in the aforementioned medium. The Israeli has not wanted to close any door, however he has shown that the lead is led by the LaLiga teams. "But we are still talking with other clubs," he clarifies. In addition, the decision will not be taken in haste: "There is no deadline." In this way, the 'Alaba case' could be delayed in time. Until the end of the European Championship, even, where he will try to lead an Austria that shares group (C) with the Netherlands, North Macedonia and Ukraine.Glass half full or half empty

These words can be interpreted in two ways. That thing about the glass half full and half empty. Chelsea and PSG, who seemed out of the fight, now continue to have a voice and vote when they had taken it away, a priori. But it is clear, yes, that they are behind Madrid and Barça. In short, Zahavi wanted to show that this is not a race for two. And let's remember that the one who takes the pole is not always the one who wins the race. Ask Max Verstappen this weekend ...

Wait. That is the key to this operation. And it is that Madrid must, before launching definitively for Alaba, solve two hot potatoes that would open or close the door of this to the new Santiago Bernabéu. We cannot forget that Varane and Ramos do not have their future tied to the club. The Frenchman, whose contract expires in 2022, plans to close his stage in the Spanish capital to try new adventures. Thus, the entity will listen to offers for fear of losing it for free next summer. While Ramos, who already said that "he would like" everything to be resolved, continues to run out of grains of the hourglass corresponding to his renovation, which has been stuck for a long time.Factor Laporta

Alaba appears on the horizon as the preferential option to take the place of one or the other. Versatile, he can play as a left-back (he made a name for himself in the elite here) or a midfielder, and his ball delivery would be greatly appreciated if the current captain left the ship. The entrance on the scene of Joan Laporta complicated his possible signing, since the new president of Barça considers him, along with Haaland, the headliner of his new mandate. However, since Kicker they insist that Madrid is still the main favorite, although Zahavi has confused the matter a bit with his words ...

"I have not yet decided where I am going. Madrid and Barça? My agents will inform me of everything and I will not go crazy when deciding," said the protagonist on February 16, when he officially announced his goodbye to Bayern. Meanwhile, the Austrian continues to play a crucial role in the Hansi Flick scheme, as evidenced by his 35 games played and more than 3,000 accumulated throughout the course. The doubts do not revolve around its performance (it is valued at 55 million euros by Transfermarkt), but rather in the size of the contract to be signed (it asks for a minimum of 11 million a year, as has transpired). We will see where each piece ends. The transfer market is like a kind of chair game. When the window opens, the music will begin to play. And remember, in the game there is always someone who is left without a seat ... 444 444

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