Theo ventures against the referee and risks a penalty

The French side, according to Corriere, published an image on Instagram that can cost him a lot. Then he deleted it. He complains about an unpredicted penalty.


Milan fell to Napoli (0-1) and crumbles at times. Those of Pioli lose rope in the fight with the title with two defeats and a draw in the last five games of the championship. They are already nine points behind Inter, the leader, and they only have a six-point cushion over fifth, Naples, in the fight for a Champions League place. The party was taken by the Partenopeans, not without controversy. With 0-1 and shortly from the end, the French side was subject to a demolition in the area that the referee Pasqua did not indicate as a penalty, not even after the VAR warned him to see the play on video.

The review also coincided with a very hard tackle that Theo gave Osinhem along with the band and that scratched the expulsion. Theo 'hunted' the Nigerian, with whom he had had minutes before, all is said. Finally, Pasqua did not heed the advice of the VAR and decided not to award a penalty in favor of Milan and the match ended with the Neapolitan victory. The southerners are more alive than ever in that fight for the Champions.

After the game, the former Atlético and Real Madrid player, according to Corriere dello Sport, went to social networks and took off against the referee. He uploaded a post with several vomiting emojis and an image of the match official. Minutes later he deleted it, but his impression was picked up by all the Italian media that now report on a possible sanction for the full-back. Theo is having an extraordinary season, being one of Milan's heavyweights. The casualties haunt the team, one more because Rebic was expelled, so a sanction could further compromise the proposals of a Pioli that still cannot count on Ibra.

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