Thebes: "When Turki arrived he thought this was the jungle and he took a few slaps"

The president of the Employers' Association gives the sheikh of Almería a slap on the wrist, although he ensures the viability of the rojiblanca economy after its capital increase, spread over four years.


Javier Tebas does not beat around the bush and has publicly sent a message to the president of Almería in the framework of the presentation of the coronavirus impact report and the cost limits of each sports team after the movements made in the winter market. "Turki has been in charge of the club for a year now and has known how to adapt. When he arrived in August 2019 he thought this was the jungle and took a few collejas", says the president of the Employers' Association months after his encounter with the UDA for international sponsorships that LaLiga did not want to count.

Of course, the highest LaLiga president ensures the financial viability of the rojiblanca entity thanks to the capital increase committed, spread over four years. "Almería is sustainable for sure because otherwise it would not have this limit. It had a capital increase and an important sale of a player [Darwin to Benfica]. Like the rest of the clubs, its sustainability will not depend on one season alone, but if not achieves the ascent will adapt easily, "explains Tebas.

"Almería still has a capital increase because it put it at four years and will have a salary mass that is still interesting for Second without having any sale", was the other reflection that the president of the Employers' Association has left on the UDA has slightly lowered its salary limit, from 27.5 million euros to 27.3. In LaLiga's presentation it has also been possible to verify that the forecast of losses due to the absence of subscribers in the current year is 755,000 euros.

Balliu, left in Gerona

José Gomes has a safe loss for the duel next Sunday (8:30 p.m.) in Montilivi, since Iván Balliu, the right-handed side, will miss the duel in his homeland having to comply with a warning cycle when he sees his tenth yellow of the course in the last bars of the match against Lugo, an avoidable card, especially with the 4-1 on the scoreboard. Aitor Buñuel will start on the right-hand side.

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