The worst signings of the Premier

The 'Mirror' has made a list of the ten operations that have had the least success this season in the Premier League: Nelson Semedo, Van de Beek, Havertz ...

In a summer marked by austerity, the Premier League was the championship that least warned of the economic ravages of the pandemic. Six of the ten most powerful operations had the British Isles as their final destination, with Chelsea of Havertz, Werner, Chilwell and company as the main protagonist. Of course, money does not always guarantee happiness or, in this case, sports success. Sometimes a bad bet can even lead to dismissal. Lampard proved it by failing to assemble such a figure and Chris Wilder, recently dismissed at the head of Sheffield United, has been the victim of his bet on Rhian Brewster, 26 million euros to Liverpool through. The Mirror has been in charge of compiling what they consider the ten worst signings of the season in the Premier with, of course, Brewster and Chelsea among those present ... 444 444Havertz (21), Chelsea, 80 million euros

The most expensive transfer of the summer. Kai Havertz arrived at Stamford Bridge as the icing on the cake of Chelsea's titanic project after marveling at Bayer Leverkusen. However, the German has verified in his flesh that the Premier is not the Bundesliga and he is still looking for his place. Not finding a fit was one of the reasons that accelerated Frank Lampard's goodbye, but Tuchel, although green shoots have been seen in recent games, has not managed to squeeze all the talent that the 21-year-old attacker has inside. Sharing position with a Mason Mount erected as a star of the constellation does not help, having scored only one goal in 21 Premier matches either.Nélson Semedo (27), Wolverhampton, 30 million

Semedo arrived in Wolverhampton with a complicated task, replacing a Matt Doherty who had been capital for Nuno. At Barcelona he gave equal parts lime and sand, shining much more in attack than in defense. History that is repeating itself in the wolves. Despite being indisputable, the starter in 25 of the 29 days played, his performances are not convincing on the islands. In the Mirror they consider that his landing coincides with the team's defensive downturn and qualify his signing as "disappointing". As for offensive numbers, a facet in which he feels most comfortable, he has not managed to become a statistical dagger and only accumulates an assist throughout the course. More was expected of him at the Molineux Stadium.

Matt Doherty (28), Tottenham, 16.8 million

The man Semedo has failed to make forget. The Irish international became one of the best right-backs in the Premier and that made Tottenham go for him. However, in London it has lost its shine. With Nuno he was the right lane, while Mou uses a line of four, giving less offensive freedom to his wings. That has cooled Doherty to the point of losing the starting title to Aurier at many points this season. In fact, he has only started 11 league games, playing a total of 14. He has left his comfort zone and, for the moment, he has not managed to handle the situation.Willian (32), Arsenal, free

Willian's case is different, since his signing was at zero cost. At first it seemed like a fantastic addition that would bring his experience in competition to a team always marked by youth. However, to convince him, Arsenal made him one of the highest paid players in the Premier and I bet her is not going as expected. Although he has managed to add seven assists, he still has not managed to see the goal and his performances have earned much more criticism than praise. Far from the level that made him one of Chelsea's saints and hallmarks of the past decade.

Rhian Brewster (20), Sheffield United, € 26 million

The gamble that cost Wilder his job A good season on loan at the Swansea Championship (10 goals in 20 games), in addition to the potential that has always accompanied him (he was the top scorer at the U-17 World Cup in 2017) made Sheffield throw the house out the window. 26 million that Liverpool entered for a player who had barely played four games under Klopp. The Blades are on the way to relegation after their fantastic previous season, Wilder has said goodbye and eyes are on the drought of a Brewster who arrived as a star signing and has not managed to see the goal in the 22 games he has played ...Donny van de Beek (23), Manchester United, 39 million

When everyone was betting on Jadon Sancho as the man of the summer, Van de Beek arrived. The Dutch midfielder had long since broken his shell at Ajax and the Eredivisie was too small for him. He was close to Real Madrid, but it was finally United who took the cat into the water. Months later, one goal and one assist in 26 games and two starts in the Premier. The reason? Beyond performance, he shares a position with Bruno Fernandes. Soslkjaer has tried to make Donny and Bruno coexist, but the performance has not convinced the Norwegian and the victim has been the newcomer, as the Portuguese has become one of the stars of the competition and the most dangerous attacking midfielder on the continent .

Nathan Aké (26), Manchester City, 45 million

Similar to the previous one, with Rùben Dias, John Stones and Aymeric Laporte acting as Bruno Fernandes. The Dutch center-back arrived to cover City's defensive hole from Bournemouth, but soon after a Dias would land that has emerged as the leader of the best defense in the championship. This, together with Aké's physical problems and the Stones' football renaissance, have left a player for whom 45 million was paid in the summer with hardly a place in Guardiola's scheme. 9 games and 665 minutes his cover letter so far.

Fábio Silva (18), Wolverhampton, 40 million

Porto's wonder boy came as the most expensive signing in Wolverhampton history when he had barely put his head out in Portugal. The problem came when Raúl Jiménez was injured in November. This caused the label of promise to change to that of necessity and the 40 million paid began to weigh on the shoulders of a Fábio Silva that was not an immediate solution. So far he has achieved four goals in 27 games, numbers far from those expected due to the investment made, but understandable if we take into account the accumulated experience ... 444 444Kostas Tsimikas (24), Liverpool, 13 million

No one expected the Greek international to remove Robertson from the left-back, but it would serve as a replacement for guarantees. However, 225 minutes is the playing time that Tsimikas accumulates this season and his performance has not convinced Jürgen Klopp to give one of the players with the greatest load of matches in recent years more rest. In the Premier he has only played five minutes.

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